ARKPestControl Pro (Pest Control)

ARKPestControl Pro (Pest Control)


Dynamic Pest Control Minigame OSRS Bot.

Obtains full Void Armour with 1-click. Reliable, efficient and human-like.


  • Option to automatically pick the best lander for your account or choose whichever lander you want.
  • Supports Melee, Ranged and Magic combat.
    • All normal spells and weapons supported.
    • Supports automatic rune detection, with rune pouch support.
  • Option to use Prayer with automatic detection of the best combat prayers for your account.
    • Smart decision-making about when to use prayer in-game, with in-built anti-profiling so that every account chooses differently.
  • Option to use any Special Attack Weapon.
    • Smart decision-making about when to use special attacks, with in-built anti-profiling so that every account chooses differently.
  • Optional automatic Void Item purchasing.
    • Turn your script on and simply come back later to full void in your bank.
    • Can be used without selecting gear purchasing to allow farming for points (e.g. for XP).
  • Optional automatic Experience Reward purchasing.
    • Train your accounts at Pest Control or create powerful pures with automatic XP purchasing.
  • Brawler detection to avoid getting caught by path blocking.
  • Adaptive navigation system to pick unique paths around the map every time.
  • Advanced anti-profiling system:
    • ARKScripts account-specific anti-profiler built-in.
    • Automatically chooses the best enemy targeting profile for each game.
    • Automatically chooses a playstyle and adjusts dynamically based on your activity/AFK-risk.
    • Automatically either switches which portal it chooses every game, or chooses the same portal every time - all built into the anti-profiling system and unique to your account.
    • Optional microbreaking to simulate a real player AFK-ing.
    • Optional fatigue system to simulate a player getting tired over time.
    • Optional long-breaking system that uses an account-specific profile to automatically determine the best breaking pattern for your account.
  • Argument support for easy automation.
  • Start anywhere.


  • 40 Combat to play the minigame and collect points.

To wear Void Armour:

  • 42 Attack, Strength, Defence, Hitpoints, Ranged, and Magic, along with 22 Prayer.

Why Void Armour?

Void Armour is universally considered one of the best armour sets in OSRS - and it's free to attain! As well as providing no negative bonuses, the set gives +10% to melee damage and accuracy, +10% to ranged damage and accuracy or +45% to magic accuracy, dependent on the helmet you choose. Void armour is used for bossing, goldfarming and PvP to boost your damage output and increase profit.

Get ahead of your competition with ARKPestControl Pro today!

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