nMercher is a grand exchange flipping bot which utilizes an intelligent merch-handling algorithm.

This script does not manually check prices, it uses third party services to obtain price information.

Please make sure to read the terms and conditions on the forums thread before purchasing.


  • Intelligent merch-handling algorithm (key feature)
  • ABC2
  • Choose your own items
  • Tons of (optional) customization, and more options are always being added
  • Detailed runtime statistics tracker
  • Runtime option selection (for certain options)
  • Random AFK'ing
  • Mini-breaking (log out for a period of time when there is no merch actions to take)
  • Looking glass support
  • Resizeable support
  • Script argument support
  • Extremely accurate profit tracking
  • Highscores
  • Dynamic signatures
  • Item ID list included in GUI ... and much more!
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