G. Pickpocketing Elves

G. Pickpocketing Elves


Pickpocketing Various Elves for high profit.

Recommended to run with Full Rogues outfit for 2x seed drops


  • Support 6 different elves location.
  • Script will auto change location randomly.
  • Dodgy necklaces support.
  • All food supported ( Based on ID ) can get id of any food from here Get IDs.
  • Custom built in randomization in action ( all actions is randomized based on player seeds ) ex. eating when stunned , dropping junk when stunned , hovering next action etc.
  • Mule support.
  • Restocking support.
  • World hopper system.
  • Mini-break system.
  • GUI save/Load profile.
  • Arguemnt support ( CLI ).


  • 85+ Thieving.
  • Song of the elves quest.
  • Player own house moved to Prifddinas.
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