aAgility AIO

aAgility AIO


All-in-one Agility Script for Tribot. Completes agility courses in OSRS Runescape for XP and Marks of Grace.


  • Supports All rooftop courses and several normal courses. (Brimhaven and Agility Pyramid included in v3)
  • Can travel to all the courses except Ape Atoll as of yet.
  • Can bank for energy potions, stamina potions and food.
  • Many optional antiban features that you can enable (afk mode, worldhopping mode etc.)
  • Progressive leveling (autoleveling 1-99), which will change courses when you reach the appropriate level. Needs to be enabled!
  • You can affect how the script goes through the agility course.

Normal courses:

  • Gnome Course
  • Barbarian Course
  • Wilderness Course
  • Ape Atoll Course:

Rooftop courses:

  • Draynor Village
  • Al Kharid
  • Varrock
  • Canifis
  • Falador
  • Seer's Village
  • Pollnivneach
  • Rellekka
  • Ardougne

Additional courses: (found in v3)

  • Brimhaven Agility Arena
  • Agility Pyramid
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