BEG AIO Combat - Melee Range Magic

BEG AIO Combat - Melee Range Magic


Script to kill anything you want, anywhere, with any weapon, equipment and inventory.
Kill cows, green dragons, revenants, sand crabs, king black dragon and much more with just one script.
Buy and sell any items on Grand exchange.
Mule your loot to other accounts.


  • Most NPCs and locations. All configurable.
  • Totally configurable inventory (and quantities), equipment and prayers.
  • Safe spots.
  • Configurable levels to train and leveling priorities.
  • Dwarf cannon.
  • High level alchemy.
  • All combat potions, prayer, super restore, anti-poison, anti-fire, anti-vemon, antidote, energy, stamina potions and more.
  • All prayers.
  • All special weapons.
  • All types of food.
  • Bones to peaches tablets and spells.
  • Reset aggression spots for sand crabs and such.
  • Guthans.
  • Looting based on item names, item ids or item values.
  • Bury bones.
  • Pick ammo.
  • Extra storage (Looting bag, Gem back, Herb sack, Seed box)
  • Basic support for MM2 caves (Maniacal monkey stacking, aggression reset, special target selection to maximize hits, navigation to MM2 caves not supported).
  • Bank when inventory is full, out of food, runes, ammo, potions or cannonballs. Bank after a certain value on inventory.
  • World hopping to find less crowded worlds.
  • Prayer altars.
  • Equipment repair (Barrows, etc).
  • House pools and Ferox Enclave stats recharge.
  • Magic spells with auto-cast.
  • Bandit store to unnote items.
  • Deathwalk back to grave or use Death office.
  • Custom items to grab from bank after death.
  • Anti-pking in the wilderness.
  • Death office tutorial.
  • Slayer kill finishes (Bag of salt, Rock hammer, Rock thrownhammer, Ice cooler, Fungicide spray)
  • Automatic settings such as auto-retaliate on/off, attack style, NPC and Player attack options, accept aid off.
  • Progressive training. Link profiles all with different location, NPC, equipment, inventory and all other settings.
  • Automated Grand exchange restock for missing items.
  • Automated Muling for any item.
  • Automatic membership.
  • Small breaks.
  • Configurable antiban settings.
  • Configurable mouse speed, and many client options (maximize on end, disable graphics, etc)
  • Ranking with kills, looting and runtime.

Fully tested setups:

  • Green dragons farm (Melee + Looting bag + Burning amulet, bank at Ferox Enclave/Edgeville)
  • Lava dragons (Magic + Looting bag + Burning amulet + Safe spots)
  • Sand crabs in Hosidius (Melee)
  • Sand crabs in Crabclaw caves (Melee)
  • Dwarf cannon on Caged Ogres (Ranged + Dwarf cannon, bank at Ardougne)
  • Dwarf cannon on Moss giants at Varrock Sewers (Melee + Dwarf cannon, bank at Varrock east bank)
  • Cows at Lumbridge (Melee/Ranged, forced deaths, no food required)
  • Frogs/Giant rats at Lumbridge swamp (Melee/Ranged, forced deaths, no food required)

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