Auto RuneCrafter Elite

Auto RuneCrafter Elite


Runecraft any Rune, any Method! This all-in-one (AIO) Runecrafter supports a wide variety of RC methods in OSRS®

  • Nothing else required to run the bot. No VIP, or additional fees if you're running 1 instance!


  • ZMI
  • Lava (Imbue and Talisman)
  • Abyss (All Runes Supported!)
  • Natures: *General Store Safe and Un-Safe Paths *Fairy Ring Path *Abyss
  • Laws: *Hot Air Balloon *House Teleport *Walking
  • Fires: *Ring of Dueling
  • All runes Standard Walking (Literally every rune!)
  • Stamina/Super Energy Support
  • Pouch Support
  • Emergency Teleport Support
  • Flawless. No customer leaves unsatisfied!
  • So Much More, Check out the Thread!
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