Auto Spidine Killer

Auto Spidine Killer


Kills Spidines within the Tower of Life dungeon for profit of between 200 and 600k per hour.


Various Travel Methods

This script automatically detects unlocked teleports and will use them accordingly. Supporting the Ardougne cloak, Ardougne teleports and Fairy ring.

Automatic Looting

This script supports looting both un-noted and noted red spiders eggs and will automatically detect whether or not the diary has been completed.

Advanced Antiban

This script features an advanced antiban system based around player generated preferences, preventing any two accounts from playing the same and designed to avoid Jagex's heuristic detection system.

Smart Banking

A smart banking system with various randomised withdrawal / deposit methods randomly selected for each account, capable of automatically detecting desirable teleports and inventory items without user selection.

Smart Fatigue System

Ever managed to play for long durations without slowing down? No? Well this script emulates human game play by tiring as the script duration / activity of the script increases. This feature linked alongside the Advanced Antiban systems make it almost impossible for two accounts to play the same.

Easy to use UI

An easy to use user interface to get you started with the script.

Quick start support

Argument based support allows you to easily use the bulk client starter and run multiple accounts with one click. Just type your saved profile name into the argument box.


  • Tower of life
  • Combat stats + gear.

Suggested Requirements:

  • Ardougne Medium Diary
  • Unlocked Fairy rings
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