Auto Goldfarmer

Auto Goldfarmer


An all in one money making script featuring multiple money makers capable of making between 100 and 750k+ per hour dependent on the script.

This script package is ideal for those unsure of what to farm to make profit or for those looking at using various methods to avoid Jagex’s nasty heuristic detection system after farming one method for hours upon end. It features all of Botting.io’s money making scripts all for $9.99/month, saving over 50% compared to individual purchases with more to come!

Current Scripts

Auto Chaos Druids Kills Chaos Druids at either Ardougne or Taverley for great starting combat exp & profit of upwards of 300k/hr.


Auto Mage Training Arena Completes the Mage Training Arena minigame for profit with minimal requirements.


Auto Planker Makes planks at Sawmills for easy profit with no requirements.


Auto Spidine Killer Kills Spidines within the Tower of Life dungeon for profit of between 200 and 600k per hour.


Auto Tab Maker Makes Tabs within Player Owned Houses for afk Magic Experience and profit of between 100 and 300k/hr.


Auto Tanner Tans leather hides for profit with minimal requirements.


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