ARKSorceress Pro (Sorceress Garden)

ARKSorceress Pro (Sorceress Garden)


Intelligent OSRS bot script that completes the Sorceress Garden minigame in Al Kharid for Herbs, Profit and Thieving/Farming XP (Sq'irks).

What is the Sorceress Garden?

Sorceress Garden is a members-only Thieving and Farming minigame with only the 'Prince Ali Rescue' quest as a requirement. It gives great Thieving and Farming XP and is the best direct supply of cleaned Herbs in the game. It is perfect for Ironman accounts or those who want to get to 99 Thieving quickly and without switching activities or doing super click-intensive methods.

Why the Sorceress’ Garden Minigame?

  • The fastest way for Ironman accounts to acquire Herbs (all cleaned).
  • The fastest way of training Thieving from level 1-38 for Master Farmers.
  • The fastest way of training Thieving from level 1-50 for the Rogue’s Den.
  • The fastest way of reaching level 34 Farming for Tithe Farm.
  • One of the fastest consistent ways of reaching 99 Thieving with a single, low click-intensity method (~90k XP/hour).
  • One of the simplest minimal requirement Goldfarming methods to setup, achieving 160-180k gp/hour pure profit in Herbs on a new account.
  • Perfect for new Goldfarmers looking to get into the practice - of course, be cautious of botting on new accounts!
  • One of the fastest methods of achieving the Thieving Pet (Rocky).
  • Almost unknown to modern players - the minigame is consistently empty.

Why ARKSorceress Pro?

  • Flawlessly solves all 4 Sorceress Garden mazes (Winter, Spring, Autumn and Summer).
  • Supports collecting XP (Sq’irks) or collecting Herbs (Money/Herblore).
  • Supports "Sqirk'in" Mass Worlds - World 523 for massive XP and Herbs per hour.
  • Completes the 'Prince Ali Rescue' Quest (the only requirement for this activity) automatically if it is not complete already.
  • Progressive modes allow players to go from 1-99 Thieving or 1-65 Thieving and then switch to collecting Herbs from the Summer Garden (for money - Goldfarming mode) with 1-click.
  • Ironman-friendly.
  • Has Ironman Mode, which will use runes or walking to complete the Prince Ali Rescue Quest instead of an Amulet of Glory, to make it easier for Ironman accounts.
  • Has an Acquire Beer Glasses automatically mode, which will grab Beer Glasses from the Sorceress House for you automatically on each run, to make setup much easier for Ironman accounts.
  • Supports Stamina Potions, Super Energy Potions, Strange Fruit (useful for Ironmen) and normal Energy Potions as means of regenerating energy.
  • Full Grand Exchange restocking support.
  • Full Loot Selling support on the Grand Exchange.
  • Option to either exchange Sq’irks for XP automatically or bank them for you to enjoy doing it for yourself (for the BIG XP drops!)
  • Multiple antiban options, including microbreaking and randomised world hopping.
    • Unique multi-method anti-profiling features, making every account behave subtly differently from one another, to protect your account.
    • Will World Hop if your ping is too high to a lower ping world automatically.
    • Will World Hop if a player attempts to setup a 1-click maze, to avoid raising suspicion and keep your account safe.
  • Other customisation options, including:
    • 'Escape' key to close interfaces.
    • F-keys to switch tabs.
    • Automatic stop conditions e.g. by level or time.
    • Imageless paint for CPU cost reduction.
  • Profile saving and loading with arguments for easy automation.
  • Automatic optional re-bonding support.
  • Discord Webhook Support for easy management.
  • Integrated Muling using ARKMule (free, lightweight muling script).

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