ARKSlayer Pro

ARKSlayer Pro


Advanced OSRS Bot Script that trains the Slayer skill for you automatically, from level 1 - 99.

Tribot's Premium Slayer training script for OSRS.

Slayer Masters Supported:

  • Turael (Low-level Slayer Master, no Combat requirement, can start from Level 3)
  • Vannaka (Mid to High-level Slayer Master, requires 40 Combat)
  • Chaeldar (Mid to High-level Slayer Master, requires 70 Combat and Fairy Rings unlocked)
  • Nieve (High-level Slayer Master, requires 85 Combat)
  • Duradel (Highest-level Slayer Master, requires 100 Combat, 50 Slayer and Shilo Village)
  • Free-Farming/Goldfarming (Farms your chosen Slayer Monster off-task for XP or Goldfarming)
  • Point-Boosting (Does 9 Turael tasks and then 1 Vannaka/Nieve/Duradel task to get the task-streak bonus for maximum Slayer Points points/hour!)

Gets tasks, travels to them automatically, completes them and repeats - no input necessary. True automation.


  • Supports Melee, Ranged and Magic combat.
    • Includes full Barraging and Bursting support, with all spells supported.
  • Full Ironman support, with rune teleporting.
  • Grand Exchange and Slayer Master Store automatic restocking.
  • Dwarf Multicannon support.
  • Support for all combat potions and food.
  • Advanced, efficient and human-like combat system.
  • Protection and Combat Prayer support.
  • Slayer Rings/Fairy Rings/Jewellery/POH Jewellery Box/all other relevant teleports supported.
  • World-hopping.
  • Special Attacks with all Special Attack Weapons supported.
  • Superior Slayer Monster support – with the chance to loot some of the rarest items in the game!
  • Multiple banking methods and locations, including the Ferox Enclave, Varrock, Edgeville and via House Teleports.
  • Expeditious Bracelets and Bracelets of Slaughter support.
  • Supports the Soul Bearer, Herb Sack, Seed box, Rune Pouch, Gem Bag, Imbued Heart and Bonecrusher items with 1-click.
  • Full Antiban Compliance Level 2 (ABC2), with extra multi-method antiban and customisable antiban options for optimal account safety.
  • Integrated Muling using ARKMule (free, lightweight muling script).

And a huge host of other features!

Goldfarming Monsters Available:

  • Abyssal Demons
  • Skeletal Wyverns
  • Brutal Black Dragons
  • Rune Dragons
  • Vyrewatch Sentinels
  • Gargoyles
  • Fossil Island Wyverns (Ancient Wyverns/Spitting/Taloned/Long-Tailed)
  • Kurask
  • Turoth
  • Nechryael
  • Dust Devils
  • Cave Horrors
  • TzHaar
  • Blue Dragons
  • Dark Beasts
  • Fever Spiders
  • Wyrms

Any many more...

Create some of the most valuable accounts in the game, start a successful OSRS bot goldfarm, or max your main today!

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