ARKDefender Pro (Warrior's Guild)

ARKDefender Pro (Warrior's Guild)


Warrior's Guild Minigame OSRS Bot that obtains the coveted Dragon Defender with just 1-click! Safe and efficient.


  • 130+ combined total Attack + Strength Level or 99 in either Attack or Strength.


  • Can attain any Defender in OSRS with a single click.
  • Option to farm more than one Dragon Defender.
  • Ability to customise:
    • What Armour type to reanimate.
    • Any Combat Potions to use.
    • Any Protection Prayers to use.
    • Any Special Attack Weapon to use.
  • Customizable looting with High Level Alchemy support.
  • Powerful and effective antiban to protect your account.
  • Simple, attractive GUI for easy setup.
  • Argument support for those who wish to setup an automated process.
  • Full ABC2, with username-based seeding anti-profiling measures to protect your account.
  • Automatic Muling with ARKMule (Free Community Script). ‎

The Dragon Defender is one of the most powerful pieces of equipment in OSRS. This script is suitable for all types of users – whether you’re looking to improve your combat speed on your main or want to boost the profit of your OSRS bot goldfarm.

ARKDefender Pro is the script for you!

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