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  2. Tribot seems to lag osbuddy

    I had this issue awhile back, I swapped to 32 bit java (98 version?) resolved my issue.
  3. @Netami Any plan on adding 14days plan? I dont need 30days for void :/
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  5. how to mass load accounts from a list

    @VapeGod I searched, then posted its not clutter to me. @HeyImJamie I enjoy your input very valuable!
  6. how to mass load accounts from a list

    No, Loading accounts from a list has nothing to do with the product you pay for. You pay to use the client, that is it. All I see you do is expect someone to spoonfeed you an easily google-able answer and cry when someone puts you in your place. I hope he continues to derail your threads.
  7. how to mass load accounts from a list

    You are correct, this is place for for asking questions, getting help, and sharing ideas. Although, most places with this type for format (a lot of subreddits for example) want you to try searching for your answer before posting a thread to avoid clutter and the like.
  8. how to mass load accounts from a list

    @VapeGod @HeyImJamie thanks for your input. I asked a question on a forum specifically designed for asking questions about a product I pay for and @swagg comes and flames me. Not the First time he has done this, completely derailed my thread, notice the other people who were helpful and polite. an elder shitposter is still a shitposter.
  9. |w| Zulrah Slayer [1-3m+/hr] [ABC2][ABCL10][LG][V2]

    Both with LG and non-LG
  10. Hey, Just thought I'd flag this. I've had to stop using the script for potatoes in Catherby as it keeps running into the candle shop!
  11. [P] Alching with features

    I'd be willing to try writing this for you for free lol
  12. The rewrite was scrapped because there was suppose to be major changes coming to tribot that would make the rewrite pointless. Astral crafting is working, people just need to restart tribot x2.
  13. I'm aware there are a couple of issues, specifically avoiding combat and stealing from farmers. I'll be investigating and updating today or tomorrow latest.
  14. Using lg? Maybe a lag issue either way
  15. Boosters are ready to day to reach your desired division !
  16. [ABC2][$9.99] Mute's Pyramid Agility

    Can you do me a favor? it would be advantageous in deadman mode if you simply do NOT cash them in just bank them or stack until inventory is full then bank. Manual cash out is best since you die a lot and banking them can help reduce the need to consistently baby sit the food isn't to much of an issue actually pref'd in DMM.. i love you mute. Been using all your scripts since u first released ur fletcher ages ago and been coming back and fourth since then from the botting scene only to see your still consistent. Respect, have a good one brother!
  17. full screen

    Hover the mouse cursor over this button and left click it once: Good luck.
  18. Script help rooms

    @joocool84 This is a very useful tool for defining areas: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/687
  19. [P] Alching with features

    there wouldnt be much of a difference either way lol <3
  20. full screen

    TRiBot only works with Runescape in FIXED size mode.
  21. [COMBAT] JJ's AIO Fighter Pro [6$ per 3 instances]

    What are you supposed to input in the special attack weapon box? I can't type the ID of the weapon I'm using. Only increase/decrease the value by 1 at a time
  22. iv been using powerbot recently and the mining bots there are less detectable on 3 days no ban f2p 20hours a day 34k xp an hour.
  23. i bought this script long ago and used it alot to get to 85 mining on many accounts. however i have noticed now if i use this bot or any tribot script i find myself banned in 3 days. i started using powerbot and im at 80 mining no ban going 20 hours a day....i think tribot is highly detectable
  24. Please fix seers magic tree webwalk.... doesnt bank

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