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  2. Auto Cooker [Open Source]

    Ran into an issue over night [03:32:33] Break Handler: Taking a break for: 00:06:43 [03:39:33] Break Handler: Break ended. [03:39:35] Auto Cooker: [CRITICAL] Out of jugs of water. [03:39:50] Script Ended: Auto Cooker. Seems like it was too fast to detect if it had anymore since it wasn't even logged in, usually it would look like this: [03:02:19] Break Handler: Taking a break for: 00:06:51 [03:09:25] Break Handler: Break ended. [03:09:30] Login bot started. [03:09:30] Login Bot: Login... [03:09:32] Login bot succeeded. This should be an easy fix for ya
  3. I just tested the script, and it worked perfectly. Please restart your client a few times (the recent TRiBot update may have affected it, on startup of my client today it gave me the "negative file archive" error). Ensure you're on fixed mode, and not resize-able. If you run into the same issues, please post here with any relevant screenshots / bot or client debug messages.
  4. It's probably somewhat out of date. Id look elsewhere.
  5. Break Handler

    Once your final break has finished, they will not repeat. This means that you will effectively "suicide bot" after the final break you input. To combat this, your final break should be long so that it stays logged out until you can manually intervene. Another method that at least I use, is to do for example: 5 hours worth of game-time AND breaks, then the final break is for 19 hours (totalling 24 hours), then repeat etc etc, and then you can effectively have the script run from thursday to thursday (osrs update day) so you don't need to touch the client/script for an entire week. A lot of people struggle with how to input their breaks as the handler itself can be strangely difficult to comprehend as to how it functions, if you struggle with this let me know. I hope this helps.
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  7. What do you mean by fossil clues? Clue geodes?
  8. Break Handler

    Hello, i would like to ask you guys how does break handler works. So let's begin. If i made for example 3 rows with data, in all of those i place "Occurence" - "Once". When all rows ends will break handler begin from the start? Or it just ends? Thanks for answer!
  9. this bot isnt dropping fossil clues, needs a fix
  10. You should go to the antiban settings of the script and adjust or completely disable ABC2 delays if you haven't already. If you have ABC2 delays disabled, something is most likely wrong on your end. Please check the "Are you having problems with the script?" part of the first post for the most common fixes to Tribot issues. Would need an account that has access to it.
  11. Extreme frame drops when hooking looking glass

    @databoose Try muting your music on osbuddy before you connect. also try turning off all settings and widgets and just everything in the settings options for osbuddy. what java version are you using? what heap size are u using for tribot? do you have client paint delay set above 0 in your tribot settings? Also does this happen if you don't use looking glass?
  12. Historical reasons, that used to be a bot world.
  13. Ive noticed that once you get onto w 386, it logs out, is there a reason for this? @Druid
  14. aTrainer [BETA] Development thread

    This would be an awesome script. im a fan of your afisher. If this would come in an all in one with it. You should look into putting all of your scripts in this as you said, it would be doing the same concept except it will now have more options on progession and such. Would be legit. I would pay for that.
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