TRiBot: RuneScape® Bot

A bot which plays RuneScape® Old-School, so you don't have to
TRiBot RuneScape bot background



Intelligent anti-ban

Have your bots behave more like humans using our research based algorithms to evade in-game bans


Human mouse movements

Utilize mouse movements generated from humans to further make them more human-like


Human point selection

Your bots will select points to click like humans do using our research backed algorithms


Character profiles

Each of your bots will be assigned a unique set of characteristics to make them stand apart from other bots


Remote bot viewing

This feature is no longer available. View your bots, start and stop scripts, and do much more while you are away from your botting computer


Breaking system

Your bots will automatically take breaks from playing in-game, if you wish


Code quality

Rest assured that you'll be running the best code yet through our quality ensurance programs


Free scripts

Utilize our large selection of quality free scripts


Premium scripts

Access high quality scripts and receive dedicated support for them by purchasing whichever script suites your needs



Run more bots than ever and minimize your CPU usage thanks to our high concern for efficiency



Run your bots whenever you feel like with our very high client up-time


Easy to use

Get started quickly and easily thanks to our excellent platform, all of which has been custom built for botters


Tabbed botting

Run multiple bots in one window so that you can stay organized


Proxy botting

Prevent getting chain banned in-game by using a proxy server which you can provide yourself


Script queue

Automatically queue multiple scripts to be run at different times so that you can train different skills without manual intervention


Client auto starter

Run multiple clients which can run many different scripts with just the click of a button



  • Access to the botting client
  • 24/7 Community support
  • Purchase and run premium scripts1
  • Run free scripts up to 2 hours2


  • Access to the botting client
  • 24/7 Community support
  • Purchase and run premium scripts3
  • Run unlimited free scripts
  • Write your own scripts

$ 6.50 /mo

VIP Extended
  • Access to the botting client
  • 24/7 Community support
  • Purchase and run premium scripts3
  • Run unlimited free scripts
  • Write your own scripts
  • Access to Looking Glass feature4
  • Access to human mouse movements feature5
  • Forward game connections through proxies6
  • Access to remote bot viewing feature

$ 8.00 /mo

  1. Only 1 script may be run at a time.
  2. Limited to 2 hours every 3 days. Only 1 script may be run at a time.
  3. An unlimited amount of scripts can be run at any time. Individual premium scripts may limit the number of instances which can be concurrently run.
  4. Looking Glass (LG) is an experimental feature which allows you to bot via a 3rd party non-botting client. Performance of LG may vary and may not be fully supported by all scripts.
  5. In very rare cases, some users may not be able to use the feature for a short amount of time due to global usage limitations.
  6. Proxies are sold separately. Only SOCKS 4/5 proxies are supported.


  • question_answer How do I register for a TRiBot account?
    To register, fill out the form on this page.
  • question_answer What are the requirements to run TRiBot?
    • Java
    • Windows Vista or higher, Mac, or Linux
  • question_answer Is RS3 supported?
    Not at the moment. Only RuneScape® Old-School (OSRS) is supported.
  • question_answerTRiBot is not working. How do I get it to work?
    A community member or staff member will assist you upon making a post here.
  • question_answerHow do I add scripts?
    To add a script, visit the scripts repository and click the add button.
  • question_answerIs this a RuneScape mobile bot?
    You may use TRiBot to bot on RuneScape mobile (OSRS), but only on a desktop or laptop computer running Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. You'll be able to login to the same RuneScape account with TRiBot as you are with RuneScape mobile.
  • info_outlineI need additional help
    To get quick help, make a forums post here.