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  2. Start it from anywhere on normal magics, it home teleports, gets gear and starts splashing until out of runes. Requirements - Cursed goblin staff + full iron
  3. Yesterday
  4. Any chance you could add an option for the script to end if it can't walk through the canifis gate underground? Not a huge thing but something thats gotten me banned once or twice because i havn't completed priest in peril yet lol
  5. I just realized I uploaded the wrong version originally... It's the current version now and all bugs should be fixed.
  6. Hey, for #1, that isn't possible, it will only tele away if someone within your combat bracket is skulled and you are in combat with a NPC or Player. There may have been someone skulled but they weren't visible on your screen #2 Try deleting hooks.dat and restarting the client, I'll look into it too but I'm running the script atm and I haven't noticed this occur on any of my accounts but I don't watch my accounts run. A possibly explanation would be the item prices not loading correctly since it checks the item values it loads at the start. Does this happen every trip or is it random or is it with specific items?
  7. adamhackz


    All the wildy bosses can be scripted, Venenatis is the most commonly killed boss though, GL using a script there for very long without losing your +1 to a team
  8. when osrs came out, i wanted to gain combat levels, went to the falador farm and got banned in like 5 hours
  9. Fill up the coffer, or enable coffer refilling in the GUI. Paying the foreman is not filling the coffer
  10. I need a simple walking script that can use teletabs, a friend's POH (multiple in case offline) and set world hopping. I may also need a simple auto-fill for text script but I will let you know. Please message me with your offer and rough time-line (or at least when you will start.) I will make a deal with the first credible individual with a fair offer.
  11. Could you share your settings with me please. And did you stick with seers or do relekka at 80+ until 90?
  12. Nvm, I looked it up... That's quite a handy thing to know, thank you
  13. Does "() ->" replace all the nonsense in the code below? Could it just be: "Timing.waitCondition(() -> {RSItem[] inventory = Inventory.getAll(); return inventory.length>0}, 1000); Timing.waitCondition(new BooleanSupplier(){ @Override public boolean getAsBoolean() { RSItem[] inventory = Inventory.getAll(); return inventory.length>0; } }, 1000);
  14. jpveiga10


    Is it possible to script a venenatis script that uses the safespot (with carws bow)? to e able to safespot it you need to click exactly one tick after the boss spawns and stay at the correct tile. this is very easy to do by hand but I dont know if the bot can deal with ticks. Someone share some light here pls cause that would be a potentially awesome script.
  15. @ScriptsForMains This is what I believe to be a cleaner, more readable version of your script. Notable differences: I no longer cry when I read it Half the amount of lines of code The actions are split into multiple short methods Code takes heavy advantage of the API returned values All values are properly null checked, and the arrays are length checked Nested statements in such a way that the pyramid of doom is avoided You may or may not choose to adhere to this coding style.
  16. No, the main loop uses the boolean "stuck". If any one of the loopCount goes above threshold, it changes stuck => true
  17. Is loop count not what you use for your main loop? If not, I've read it wrong. Apologies. Even so, not nice to read.
  18. I know. At the start of the loop, you add to the loop count. When you reach the method I've quoted previously, you reset the loop count, even though the object could still return null. If the object returns null, will you not just continue looping indefinitely?
  19. I put loopCount and a sleep at the beginning of every single loop to make sure no loop ever gets stuck and that every single loop has some randomization to it's timing. It's not pointless.
  20. if(loopCount > 5) stuck = true (ends main script loop) break (ends current loop)
  21. I'm talking about his count++ feature that stops after 20 failed loops. I'm aware the code won't run, but it won't do anything either, which is what I thought all this 'redundancy' shit was to avoid. Unless I've read it wrong.
  22. The code never executes. It can't get stuck. The only bad thing that can happen is a null pointer exception a few lines below, as this value is used without being checked. if (Interfaces.get(300, 1, 11).click("Close")) {
  23. I'm confused... If the interface returns null, it ends the while loop. (since Interfaces.get(300)==null) If it loops 5 times attempting to click "close" and the interface is still open after the fifth time, it ends the script.
  24. Without being mean, just to further my above point. From line 129, you reset your 'failsafe' count to 0, then check the interface 300 != null. What happens if the interface returns null? You're then stuck in your dreaded deadlock, even with all the failsafes you've put in place. } else { loopCount = 0; while (Interfaces.get(300)!=null) { c.sleepRand(100, 250); loopCount++; if (loopCount > 5) { println("Failed to close trade window 5 times, ending script to avoid bans"); stuck = true; break; } if (Interfaces.get(300, 1, 11).click("Close")) { println("Closed window"); } else { println("Failed to close window"); } } }
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