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  2. The trail doesn't work. It gets u the message that the script is premium now, u have to press OK. Then u see the discount code. Then it ends the script. I am vip for 2 days so it should work right
  3. Today
  4. you are a legend!
  5. can this buy two different items? for example, clean ranarr weeds, make unfinished ranarr potions, sell the potions then buy the grimy herbs again? having trouble figuring that out.
  6. @patoon17 stop spamming his threads. If you'd like to report someone as a scammer, make a dispute and it'll be handled. @OG Sticks if I missed any posts you want remoted, report them and they'll get hidden.
  7. 1 account, never been banned. Back when osrs came out i used to bot master farmers on this acc, once the first few ban waves started happening i stopped using it and never really touched the acc again until i started barrows.
  8. Alias

    Unable to use LG

    I am sad. I just purchased VIP-E for LG so i can get back into botting... turns out there is this issue going on .... turns out it's also been going on for a very long time now. If this issue isn't resolved asap I honestly may end up in our competitors market due to the attentive nature of their staff, updates and structure... sigh. Been here for 6 years as well.
  9. still nothing done, yikes
  10. idkfa

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    Absolutelly awesome man. Was this on multiple accounts? Did you ever get banned? And did you make/bot this account only to bot barrows? Looking to set up myself.
  11. The user count is available here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1362-w-zulrah-slayer-v2/ but each user has likely more than one account botting, some have up to a hundred. There are no safe guards to guarantee no bans, it is unpredictable for the most part. I would not bot on an account you don't want to lose. The idea is to make significant profit before ban. I just updated the bot now to change the order of gear withdrawal.
  12. Whenever I try and use this script it just ends after logging in then closes the Tribot client. After trying to start the script again I'm being told I've exceeded the limit of accounts i can use the script on even though it keeps closing itself It manages to load the GUI to setup the bot; but once the script clicks play now and succeeds login tribot closes
  13. Turns out I need dragon slayer done to access the area. Going to take me a little bit to get that done.
  14. I didn't mean an actual ban rate, just people's experience with getting banned using strictly only this bot. There are a lot of bots here that get you instantly banned, and some that are pretty safe to use. I'm just asking if this is on the safer side of the banning spectrum.
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