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  2. Try running TRiBot in console mode (tick the box in the loader) and then see if there are any errors printed out when it crashes
  3. The easiest way to get the command is to run the Loader from the command line, and then copy the command it uses when you login. As an example, here's the output from when I run the loader via the command line (I'm on Linux, so this will be different for you): The key part that you're interested in is everything after: Command: /bin/sh -c Everything after that is what the loader is using to launch the client
  4. Today
  5. I've received an instant ban/disable in the first 5 minutes due to this script do not use!
  6. Try using just "dragonslayermelee" and let me know if you still have problems. I will try to clarify on the pastebin.
  7. After about 40 mins of running tribot will randomly close itself for some reason.
  8. disable advanced preferences -> restockable potions -> restock potions
  9. Post the client debug when you try to load the scripts via the start script button
  10. When blackjacking and the courtain re-opens it sometimes would go to the tile outside of the hut, closes the curtain and tries to blackjack through the wall (looks very bot like). Just cleared hooks file too before it happend. Bot tries to thief for 3/4 times through the wall before it "spots a hut with a bandit already inside". Guess I'll switch over to ardy knights. edit: spelling
  11. Hey, it seems that the script won't teleport after a pker approaches. Could you please fix this? @godspower33
  12. What happened to the looking glass option?
  13. Add me for a current rate. Contacts: Discord: SKRIZZLY#5914 (UID: 110772290664316928) Skype: skrizzly always ask for pm Payment methods: BTC/ETH/LTC Any top crypto currency
  14. script is working fine, but theres this thing where i check how much points i have and always find out that it bought like 200 overloads or somthing. How do i cancel this?
  15. so i've uninstalled all the java and then reinstalled them and now its working (Y)
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