Auto Planker

Auto Planker


Makes planks at Sawmills in OSRS® for easy profit with no requirements. Great for primes or those getting into goldfarming.


All Sawmills

The script supports both the Varrock and Woodcutting Guild sawmill.

All Planks

This script supports all four available plank types.

[Plank, Oak plank, Teak plank & Mahogany planks]

Energy Restoration Potions

This script supports all reasonable energy restoration potions to allow for greater gp/hr.

[Energy, Super energy & Stamina]

Advanced Antiban

This script features an advanced antiban system based around player generated preferences, preventing any two accounts from playing the same and designed to avoid Jagex's heuristic detection system.

Smart Banking

A smart banking system with various randomised withdrawal / deposit methods randomly selected for each account. This will soon include "smart" hovering / pre-empting of withdrawals / deposits.

Easy to use UI

An easy to use user interface to allow for easy selection of your desired tasks.

Quick start support

Argument based support allows you to easily use the bulk client starter and run multiple accounts with one click. Just type your saved profile name into the argument box.


  • Coins
  • Logs for desired plank.
  • Energy restore potions (if desired).
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