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Sat, 23 Mar 2019, 9:38PM UTC



Please run the trial before you buy! It's free!

Most advanced chin catching in OSRS. Reaches 500+ chins per hour (900k profit per hour)
Tick Manipulation (Herb) + Chin Trapping (Bow) + Efficient algorithms

Tribot's # 1 most versatile and customizable hunter. No VIP required
Can exceed over 800k per hour depending on the type of prey being hunted, perfect for casual hunting or even bot farming.
Perfected box trap timings for maximum hunting speed.

Chin Trapping Mode (New Feature):
> Use a bow to shoot/range down the chin wandering too far
> Significantly increases catches
> Restock Arrows (Black Chins only)

Dedicated Black Chin Features:
> Hop with PK on sight
> Can hunt side by side with other daxHunter users
> DeathWalking
> Stats Logger
> Games Necklace/Canoe/Varrock Tabs/Glory support
> Instant Logout
> Imp Box
> Release chins when nearly dead from PKer (Toggle on/off in GUI)

Other Hunter Features:
> Highest Level Antiban Compliance implementation
> TWO hunting styles (Two ticks/Three ticks)
> Custom formations
> Switch Location OR hop worlds when another hunter is hunting in your spot
> Birds/Chins all supported
> Falconry (Hunt Kebbits!)
> Low CPU mode for farms and VPS/VPN

>ABCL10 Antiban
>ABC2 Antiban

Hunter is easily the highest money making skill with the least maintenance for botfarms. Catch all the chinchompas, crimson swifts, tropical wagtails, all other birds, and kebbits with daxHunter!

daxHunter Highscores Page:

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