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Tue, 01 Aug 2017, 11:09PM BST



Most popular premium thieving script on TRiBot, 2000+ users!

** ON SALE $2.99, (Monthy/Lifetime options too with UNLIMITED INSTANCES) **

Unlimited instances! No VIP required! LG compatible!
ABCL 2 10 implemented - Fully unique anti-ban for every RS character, using human data/techniques. AVOID BANS!

This is a flawless premium money making script that will bring in profits ranging upto and over 200k per hour! Super high profit with low requirements yet low ban rates - Only $4.75 PERFECT!

PROFIT 4.8m a day per account! (Or 48m daily using 10 accounts!)

Brief overview of the many features:

<-> Supports all thieving NPCS EVERYWHERE in RS!
<-> Support Nature chest!
<-> Supports all stalls!
<-> Automatic mule trading - Thats right you can automatically trade your mule items! - See user guide below
<-> Tons of different presets, all popular methods are included - You can even set up your own method with this script!
<-> Smart thieving - Quickly and accurately thieves NPCs!
<-> Smart dropping - Will drop junk when you've been stunned Maximum efficiency!
<-> Smart food withdrawing - it will withdraw different amounts of food depending on what you specify in the GUI
<-> Automatic task switching! - This means if you start the script before you can steal from master farmers, it will train until you can, then switch to master farmers! PERFECT for setting up a bot army!
<-> Suicide leveling - This script won't waste food and will suicide thieve if you set it to - perfect for thieving men in lumbridge!
<-> Clever anti combat - Avoids NPCS at every location perfectly!
<-> Start the bot ANYWHERE - it will navigate to the correct location for you!
<-> Anti-bot watch techniques to minimize any bans!

See payment options below.




2 Hours, 0 Minutes

2 Hours, 0 Minutes
Usage time resets on the 1st of every month.

Payment Option 1

$1.99 Per Auth

30 Days

Payment Option 2

$5.95 (Unlimited Auths)

30 Days

Payment Option 3

$8.94 (Unlimited Auths)


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