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Fri, 01 Dec 2017, 6:20PM GMT



ExShopper (previously known as ExBuyer) is a one of a kind script that sells and buy items from most shops on Runescape.

Selling items accurately
Buying items accurately
Open item packs
Extremely fast buying or selling (with accuracy, it is a option to do so)
World hopping, and you can even have the ablity to chose the pattern to hop in.
PVP world avoiding
Many shops supported, including npcs and object shops.
Banking support via webwalking or custom path. (Chest, NPC, Booth, Deposit Box, and even parcel banking!)
Jewelery teleports (beta)
Normal magic book teleports (beta)
House tabs teleports and scrolls (beta)
Automatic door detection
Ladders/Stairs support
Misclicking handling
Extremely stable
Stamina potions
RFD Chest support
Mage's guild support (via custom path)
Lunar's isle guild support (via custom path)
Saving & Loading Settings
Script argument (Skip the entire GUI by simply entering your saved GUI profile)

See payment options below.




1 Hours, 0 Minutes

1 Hours, 0 Minutes
Usage time resets on the 1st of every month.

Payment Option 1

$10.00 (Unlimited Auths)

30 Days

Payment Option 2

$6.00 (Unlimited Auths)

14 Days

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