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Wed, 18 Mar 2020, 3:15PM UTC



The safest and most reliable Agility script on TRiBot.
Written by Einstein.

Having the most advanced anti-ban on the market, this script allows you to safely train your account. The human-like game interaction is driven by ABC2 (Anti-Ban Compliance), which uses complex algorithms to emulate human behavior.

The camera movement is enhanced with obstacle location prediction, randomized non-static angles, and multi-threaded execution. All for your account's safety.

The script has an abundance of features, all fully customizable.
Get access to a higher level agility course by boosting your level with summer pies, avoid all player reports by using the script's world hopper, or enable the AFK mode to make the script imitate a real human getting distracted.
All of those, and many more are possible with this script.

Relative Agility supports 16 different courses, more than any other agility script. Months of development have been invested in the second version of the script, which has been coded to perfection. Don't sacrifice your account with inferior scripts.

Choose the safe solution.
The smart solution.

Relative Agility - Written by Einstein

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