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Mon, 13 Jul 2020, 8:22PM UTC



Probably the best Woodcutter on TRiBot.

Is account safety your most important priority? This script has been designed from the ground up with Anti-Ban in mind, and it's currently being the safest alternative on the market.

The Anti-Ban is based around statistical analysis of collected real human playing data, which means that the script will emulate the play-style of a real human player. With next target prediction, dynamic camera tracking, human-based reaction times and uniquely seeded game interaction preferences, it's hard to beat this script in terms of Anti-Ban.

Hundreds of hours have been invested into creating and perfecting this script. Completely reliable, solid, and safe to use, dozens of users have achieved level 99 Woodcutting by using it.

The script offers an abundance of features and unique customizations you can choose from. Anything from player triggered World Hopping (that allows you to entirely avoid being reported), to custom areas and bank closing preferences. It supports all the trees, in all locations, and it even has special support for Redwood, the Karamja hardwood grove, and Sulliuscep. This script has almost everything you can think of. You can learn more by reading the thread.

Don't sacrifice your accounts with inferior scripts, choose only the best quality.

Einstein's Woodcutter - Probably the best Woodcutter on TRiBot

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