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Mon, 06 Aug 2018, 3:36PM BST



This script features complete selling games and COMBAT support.

It has the ability to sell HARD and NORMAL selling, answer users to unlock their coffers, tell them thank you, and even refund games if they don't have the required quests!

The combat portion of the script has also been revamped. It supports overloads, absorption, dh afk method, rapid heal prayer flicking, game buying, and much more. It can also buy potions from the reward chest and withdraw them from the barrel if necessary.

The script behavior is different for every single runescape character. Each person will behave slightly different to avoid bans!

Q. How stable is this script?
A: This script is the very first NMZ script that has been out for over a year. This means the script has been fully tested resulting in an extremely stable script. Present day, we have gained over 40B+ gold (hosting) and 50B XP gained (combat). Many accounts have been maxed off the script or made bank!

Q. Does the script buy potions off the reward chest / barrels?:
A: Yes, select the checkbox for purchasing items

Q. Can the script buy games from hosters / buy games directly?:
A: Yes, the script fully supports both!

Q. Does it support the absorption rapid heal flick method?
A: Yes, it supports rock caking down to 1 HP and flicking rapid heal every 10-60 seconds.

Q. What sorts of potions does this script support?
A: Nearly every single potions! Overloads, absorbs, super ranging, super magic, normal stat bonus potions, etc!

Visit the thread for the specifics

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