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Sun, 03 Sep 2017, 11:28PM BST



The most advanced, high quality, AIO Thieving bot for OSRS!
• Pickpocketing
• Stalls
• Chests + Alching
• Blackjacking

• FREE TRIAL • No VIP Required • LG Compatible

Unique human based antiban different for every account!

Great moneymaker for OSRS and Deadman!

• ABC2 Level 10
• Pickpocket NPCs!
• Steal from stalls!
• Thieve from chests!
• Blackjack bandits & menaphites in the desert!
• Eats and drops items while stunned by pickpocketing!
• Lures bandits in and out of buildings to blackjack and closes the doors!
• Unnote food from Banknote Exchange Merchant!
• Option: buy wine from the barman. Useful for ironmen!
• Blackjack with double double hit technique for the fastest thieving XP ingame (230k+ XP/hour and 100k GP/hour)
• Advanced guard detection around stalls!
• Pickpocket ardougne knights in the building correctly!
• Can thieve Nature Chest and 50 Coin chest at the same time!
• Can high or low alch any item while thieving chests!
• Eats in the bank to full HP!
• Super high quality GUI!
• Script argument support!
• Free *animated* dynamic signatures!
• Great support!

Check the thread for more details.

Contact me on the forums, skype or discord if you have any questions or find any bugs! I'd be happy to help!

See payment options below.




2 Hours, 0 Minutes

2 Hours, 0 Minutes
Usage time resets on the 1st of every month.

Payment Option 1

$2.99 Per Auth

30 Days

Payment Option 2

$5.95 Per Auth

180 Days

Payment Option 3

$5.95 (Unlimited Auths)

30 Days

Payment Option 4

$29.95 (Unlimited Auths)

180 Days

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