nBlast Mine

    nBlast Mine

    nBlast Mine will play the blast mine minigame in any location possible.
    Obtain high exp rates as well as profit at the same time!
    This script has potential to earn 300k-700k/hr based on mining level.

    Read the forums thread for instructions.

    Sulphur mining (get 100% Lovakengj favour!)
    Custom locations + presets
    Supports almost all food
    Custom food counts
    Stamina potions
    Escape to close bank
    Sometimes close bank while moving
    Keep dynamite noted
    A couple different options to choose when to deposit/withdraw certain items
    Always eat food closest to mouse
    Custom eating range (with min and max), otherwise uses ABC2
    Always hover next action
    Always right click when hovering when player is moving
    Sometimes hover off screen objects
    Only drink stamina at bank
    Always stamina when one is not active
    Stamina prioritization
    Stamina drinking range
    Custom screenwalking preference
    ABC2 timed action choices
    Disabling core antiban if you don't want tribot's antiban
    Camera type options
    Ensure camera is always looking at target rock (no more weird bot like clicks!)
    Dismiss/ignore randoms
    Custom mouse speed (with min and max)
    Display exp drops
    Disable paint
    Use low detail paint
    Debug paint
    Stop conditions
    Logout on script end
    Stuck failsafe
    World hopping
    Several sulphur mining options
    ... and much more!

    For help with the script, please visit the forums thread.

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