Copy of nRestocker

    Automate your gold farm with ~80 different tasks!

    Queuing accounts through a task list (with optional proxy selection)
    Grand Exchange buying
    Grand Exchange selling
    Choose any prices you want (3 different types, static, dynamic, and arrow keys)
    Adjust the pricing based on the amount of time the offer has been pending
    Muling (request items from mule, trade items off to mule)
    Deposit any items to bank
    Withdraw and items from bank
    Setup any inventory (with alternatives for each item)
    Setup and gear configuration (with alternatives for each item)
    Automatically run a separate script after nRestocker has finished (these can be queued, to run scripts after on another, or even perform another task within nRestocker)
    Buying a bond from the grand exchange, using it, and hopping to members worlds
    Hopping to any arbitrary world (supports a custom world, random f2p worlds, random p2p worlds, preferred regions)
    Moving anywhere (using dax walker, or using weighted custom paths)
    Teleporting using almost all jewelry and teleport tablets (feel free to request any teleport to be added)
    Simple waiting, optionally logged out
    Dropping items
    Selling all bank items above a certain threshold at any price
    Selling all inventory items above a certain threshold at any price
    Moving to GE (supports varrock teleport, ring of wealth, and amulet of glory) with custom priorities
    Moving to Zeah
    Setting quick prayers
    Setting fkey bindings + escape close interfaces
    Setting shift dropping
    Configuring advanced options within OSRS such as remove roofs
    Configuring left click character options (npc, player)
    Disabling sounds
    Setting resizable/fixed mode
    Setting camera zoom
    Enabling/disabling accept aid
    Decanting jewelry
    Decanting potions
    Filling blowpipe
    Charging trident
    Emptying blowpipe
    Emptying trident
    ... and much more, try it out yourself with the free trial!

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