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TRiBot Development (5/10)

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The random guy kept attacking me with a crossbow... I forgot which one it was, but tribot didn't even detect it was getting attacked! I saw it and talked to him myself...

Sounds like a random that is suppose to be handled by the scripter.

As for all the updates, you just need to restart the client. You shouldn't have to redownload the loader.

Random that is supposed to be handled by the scripter? What randoms are we supposed to be handling ourselves..?

None of them... There are certain randoms that are script specific and others that should be built in to the bot. That is what is meant by handled by the scripter.

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thanks for updating

Stop trying to ride cock. If u actually did some botting you would have seen they changed the ID's for most randoms.

Stop being a dick. Some people actually appreciate the developers work, and not just bitch about every single flaw they can find everywhere.

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