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TRiBot Development (5/10)

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Updated Molly

Updated Freaky Forester

Updated Pirate

Updated Jekyll

Updated Rick Turpentine

Updated Dwarf

Updated Sandwich Lady

Updated Security Guard

Updated Mysterious Old Man

Updated Strange Plant

Updated Mime

Updated Bee Keeper

Updated Mordaut

More updates coming today.

Additionally, we are working on new web interfaces so hopefully you should see these changes rolled out in the next few days.

Thanks for your patience.

-TRiBot Staff

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The random guy kept attacking me with a crossbow... I forgot which one it was, but tribot didn't even detect it was getting attacked! I saw it and talked to him myself...

Sounds like a random that is suppose to be handled by the scripter.

As for all the updates, you just need to restart the client. You shouldn't have to redownload the loader.

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