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[PREMIUM] ARKSlayer Pro - Automatic Slayer Training [Cannon][Restocking][Prayer][Superiors][ABC2]

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6 hours ago, Ark said:

It shouldn't have issues with most of what you've described - sounds like something corrupted with your client. I will take a look though:

- It should not choose bounty-hunter worlds to jump to; this is handled by the client's world-hopper, so I can't do anything to change it if it is an issue. I'll do some experimenting and talk to the devs if necessary.

- It doesn't leave the task to get a Slaughter Bracelet (ever; it's not coded to), it will say why it left the task in the client debug :) Reasons it will choose to leave include: having a full inventory with nothing worth dropping, being out of food or being out of cannonballs.

- What task did it try to use the Ring of Dueling in while in combat? It should fix itself within 3-4 seconds if it fails to teleport.

I'll be adding equipment switching for stuff like Prayer tasks and Dragons, but it's very unlikely I will add Melee and Ranged setups separately that you can choose per-task - it would be too hard to make a useable GUI for the user to choose which tasks to use what equipment on.

Ya that sounds way better. I worded what i would want added horribly. 

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37 minutes ago, sevant said:

Just bought, everything looks great so far. 

I dont know if I missed the option, but it would be great to have a separate gear profile for prayer tasks. Would save a lot of supplies and cut down on banking. 

Yep, it's on the to-do list :P 

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2 hours ago, sevant said:

Is there an option to increase the number of prayer potions per trip? Its only taking 6 prayer potions on a black demon task, which paired with it not using prayer gear makes trips really short. 

It calculates the best number of potions to take per task, based on a number of factors, including drop rates for loot, prayer points at the start of the task and your prayer level. Obviously it's difficult to get this algorithm perfect for every account, at every combat level, on every task. My next patch includes a change which makes banking 3-4x faster, so banking shouldn't be as much of a bother, but realistically there isn't an easy solution to making the script perfectly XP optimal for every user :) 

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Pushed V2.30, a major improvement to banking and the first of a number of large updates I'll be releasing slowly over the next few weeks:

- NEW: Added Iron Man looting support - the script will now blacklist items it tries to pickup that ironman accounts are not able to loot - select this option in the GUI to activate this feature
    - This is the first update designed to make the script more Iron Man friendly. Next up will be Iron Man-friendly teleporting via runes.

- NEW: Anti-profiling banking measures - the script will now not always deposit-all when banking. It will intelligently calculate what it needs for the next task and only deposit what it does not need.
    - This also GREATLY improves banking speed (3-4x less time spent banking) and emulates a real-player more accurately

- Will now activate Protect from Ranged when running to the Death Plateau trolls
- Made banking also more reliable overall, less error-prone and faster
- Fixed a major issue with deathwalking when using a cannon
- Now correctly purchases Amulets of Glory in the required amounts
- Fixed a rare potential bug with Wall Beast tasks
- Now correctly uses Wines as food if selected (great for ranged users)
- Now correctly drops Empty Jugs as a junk item
- Updated some loot tables based on user advice (to improve profit/hour)
- Added some extra undisclosed anti-profiling measures



Also pushed V2.31:

- Fixed a bug causing Prayer Potions to never be deposited
- Fixed a bug that led to food not being deposited properly when it would cause the inventory to be full
- Fixed a rare bug with Killerwatt tasks

Edited by Ark

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2 minutes ago, jcnj609 said:

Are you able to have the account use prayer against superior slayer monsters? Example would be bloodvelds the script doesn’t use prayer but the superior bloodveld wastes about half or more of food in the inventory.

It does use Prayer for Superior Slayer Monsters if you have the option to "Use Prayer" and "Superior Slayer Monsters" selected in the GUI

Edited by Ark
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Pushed V2.32:

- NEW: Added low CPU consumption mode
    - This mode is designed for goldfarmers who wish to run many clients at once
    - It disables a number of tracker features that are more CPU intensive (such as cannonball tracking)
    - These tracking features are designed to emulate human-behaviour more-closely, but are not required for the script to function

- Fixed a banking bug causing the script to never deposit Slayer rings
- Overhauled script-wide standard deviation waits 
- Wait-time anti-profiling changes
- Fixed a bug with the fatigue system
- Performance improvements

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5 hours ago, Need said:

Is this lvl 3 friendly or should certain base sates be recommended?

Yes, it is level 3 friendly.

However, since Slayer scales fairly heavily with your combat stats and DPS, I suggest around 60/60/60 stats for optimal performance from the start :) 

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