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Random WorldHopper [Hop to random worlds]

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Posted (edited)

This Worldhopper is solely for hopping to random worlds. It will ignore skill total worlds if isTotal is set to false. Setting it to true will NOT make you hop only to skill total worlds. It means it has to the chance to choose one of them to hop to.

It will also remember the last 10 worlds you hopped to, and will not hop to those worlds.

package scripts.jTasker.jay_api;

import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.HashSet;
import java.util.Set;

import org.tribot.api.General;
import org.tribot.api.Timing;
import org.tribot.api.input.Mouse;
import org.tribot.api.util.abc.ABCUtil;
import org.tribot.api2007.ChooseOption;
import org.tribot.api2007.Magic;
import org.tribot.api2007.WorldHopper;

public class WorldHopping {
	private static ABCUtil util = new ABCUtil();
	private static HashMap<Integer, Integer> CACHE = new HashMap<Integer, Integer>();

	// Ignores deadman worlds & skill total worlds by default.
	public static boolean changeRandom(boolean isMembers) {
		return changeRandom(isMembers, false, false);

	// Ignores deadman worlds by default.
	public static boolean changeRandom(boolean isMembers, boolean isTotal) {
		return changeRandom(isMembers, isTotal, false);
	public static boolean changeRandom(boolean isMembers, boolean isTotal, boolean isDeadman) {
		if (deselectMagic()) // Can fail to click the world select screen if a spell is selected.
			return false;
		if (CACHE.size() > 10) {
			CACHE.remove(0); // Remove the least recent world we hopped to.
			Set<Integer> set = new HashSet<Integer>(CACHE.values()); // Get all the world numbers.
			CACHE.clear(); // Clear the map.
			for (int value : set)
				CACHE.put(CACHE.size(), value);

		int randWorld = WorldHopper.getRandomWorld(isMembers, isDeadman);
		long startTime = System.currentTimeMillis();
		while((randWorld == WorldHopper.getWorld() || CACHE.containsValue(randWorld) ||
			  (!isTotal && getTotalWorldLvl(randWorld) != 0)) &&
			 ((System.currentTimeMillis() - startTime) / 1000.0f) % 60 < 2) {
			randWorld = WorldHopper.getRandomWorld(isMembers, isDeadman);

		CACHE.put(CACHE.size(), randWorld);
		return WorldHopper.changeWorld(randWorld);
	private static int getTotalWorldLvl(int w) {
		switch(w) {
			case 381: case 413: case 419: case 427: case 468: // 500 total worlds. F2P
				return 500;
			case 372: case 385: case 414: case 432: case 530: // 750 total worlds. F2P
				return 750;
			case 353: case 364: case 429: case 447: case 529: // 1250 total worlds.
				return 1250;
			case 366: case 416: case 420: case 448: case 528: // 1,5k total worlds.
				return 1500;
			case 373: case 391: case 449: case 467: // 1750 total worlds.
				return 1750;
			case 349: case 361: case 396: case 428: case 527: // 2k total worlds.
				return 2000;
			case 363: case 415: case 450: case 526: // 2,2k total worlds.
				return 2200;
				return 0;
	public static boolean deselectMagic() {
		if (Magic.isSpellSelected()) {
		    if (Timing.waitCondition(() -> {
				General.sleep(200, 400);
				General.sleep(200, 700);
				General.sleep(200, 700);
		        return !Magic.isSpellSelected();
		    }, General.random(7000, 10000)) == false) {
		    	General.println("AutoGeneral_Error - Could not deselect mouse.");
		    	return false;

		return true;



There are some things to be worked on though. Such as not hard coding the total worlds as they are constantly changing numbers or adding/removing worlds and instead find a better way to filter total worlds. 

Or checking if the player has a high enough skill total before attempting to hop onto the selected skill total world. These are things I might return to in the future unless someone beats me to it and releases an update of my class.

Edited by Sidesteppin12
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Nice mate. A few improvements I'd recommend:

1. is using a Guava Cache (you can set a max size, and a timeout on the data inside it). Cache I use in my personal world hopper code:

private static Cache<String, String> worldBlacklistCache;

worldBlacklistCache = CacheBuilder.newBuilder()
  .expireAfterWrite(20, TimeUnit.MINUTES)

2. You can also use the WorldHopper.getServers()  to get the servers, and do things like sort them by population so you can hop to the lowest populated worlds (and you can create a method to filter them by activity, so you don't have to hardcode the required skill worlds). 

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