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[Late Development] ARKSlayer Pro - Full Slayer script with Cannon, Prayer, Superiors, Grand Exchange buying, Slayer shop buying, AIO teleporting, Equipment switching and All Potions support

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Under late stage development, currently stable and functional, but requires extensive local testing and the adding of a handful of late level slayer tasks, plus a GUI.

I've been working on this for the past month and a half, on-and-off. I used to be a premium script writer over at powerbot back in 2013 where I wrote a number of very successful scripts with my mum (weird, I know). Looking to get back into this here at tribot now :) This is a bold project to get into, but it's working really well so far.

ARKSlayer Pro: Automatically trains slayer using Vannaka



Features/To-do list:

- Completes all Vannaka assigned tasks - fully automated acquiring of a new task and travelling to that task via teleports/walking [All viable Vannaka tasks supported]

- Supports all potions and food [Complete]

- Loots everything worth looting and intelligently manages its inventory [Complete]

- Slayer ring teleport support + any other teleports based on task [Complete]

- Dwarf Multicannon support with tracking/repairing, multiple locations per task for placement and world-hopping if an area is too full to not annoy real players [Complete]

- Prayer support with intelligent choice of prayer/when to use prayer, based on the assigned task [Complete]

- Antifire and Antipoison support based on task [Complete]

- Grand Exchange purchasing of any items it needs for each task [Complete]

- Slayer store purchasing of any non-GE items it needs for each task [Complete]

- Equipment switching for any tasks that have special weapon/armour requirements [Complete]

- Slayer helmet support [Complete]

- Special kill finishing requirement support eg. Ice Boxes and Bags of Salt [Complete]

- Support for Superior slayer monsters [Won't be directly supported in initial release]

- 2-handed weapon support [Beta]

- Ranged support [Beta]

- NPC contact support [Will be added after beta release]

- Seed box support [Will be added after beta release]

- Holy wrench support [Beta]

- Expeditious Bracelet support [WIP]

- Useful, multi-tab paint [Complete]

- GUI with all of these options [Complete 28/03/2020]

- Acquires a dusty key for Blue Dragons tasks if you don't have one [Complete]


Will update this thread with any new features I decide to add and any other progress I make. I'll also be releasing a handful of other free scripts and hopefully be going for script writer rank at some point soon.

In the meantime, check out my Herblore script here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3445-arkherblore-aio/


Progress update (26/03/2020):

Going very well at the moment. I'm focusing on the core of the script and making it incredibly stable. I'm also making sure my world-hopping class is stable, as it is likely to prevent a lot of bans. I will likely be releasing the script (when I do release it) with certain features turned off and will gradually be re-adding them, as a script of this complexity requires time to debug correctly.

Edited by Marcusihno

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In case anyone was following this thread and hasn't seen, this script is now live and open to free public beta:

For what it's worth, this script has created 3 Alchemical Hydra-ready accounts for me already, just during testing... those make some serious cash money 😂

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    • By Marcusihno
      Trains the Slayer skill for you, 100% automatically.
      Welcome to ARKSlayer Pro, Tribot's only fully-functional Slayer script.
      Ever wanted to farm Cerberus? Alchemical Hydra? Abyssal Sire? All of these highly lucrative bosses and more are locked behind tough Slayer requirements that struggle to be botted - not anymore!
      Completes all viable Vannaka Slayer tasks (see task list below) Travels to and from tasks automatically, completes them and then gets new tasks Incrorporates an advanced, safe and efficient combat system that emulates human-behaviour Supports all food ID-based GUI selection Employs a simple alogorithm to calculate how much food it needs to take to each task on each trip to not waste food, or allows you to choose to take a full inventory on every task Supports most commonly used potions Simple to use drop-down UI picker with pre-populated data (from Attack Potions to Super Combat Potions; most are supported) Intelligent algorithm to determine when to drink potions with randomisation to keep your account safe Automatic looting of anything worth looting, with precise profit and loss calculations - high level Slayer tasks make some of the best profit/hour in the game eg. Kurasks, Abyssal Demons, Gargoyles, Nechryaels  Also offers "Loot above x value" and a "Max-XP mode" for extra customisation options Supports Fairy Ring teleporting, Slayer Ring teleporting and a host of other teleportation options around OSRS to get you to tasks automatically and using the most efficient way available to your account Full Grand Exchange and Slayer Master Store restocking (supported and strongly recommended to keep checked) Supports using the Dwarf Multicannon with projectile tracking (for tracking cannonballs left), repairing and all other relevant logic Supports Protection Prayers for necessary tasks Supports taking the Holy Wrench on Prayer tasks to reduce prayer potion consumption Switches Equipment automatically for required tasks (eg. Mirror Shield for Basilisks and Leaf Bladed weaponry/Broad weaponry for Kurasks/Turoths) Supports Expeditious Bracelets for annoying tasks that need shortening Sypports Bracelets of Slaughter for increasing XP/hour on high XP tasks Supports using the Slayer Helmet and Slayer Helmet (i) Automatically uses kill moves on relevant tasks eg. Salting Rockslugs and Ice-cooling Lizards Supports Ranged and Melee combat World/area hopping when a cannon is already in our area and to prevent crashing other cannoners World/area hopping when too many people are in our area for a certain period of time Supports Task Skipping (currently only preset tasks, but eventually Task-Skipping will be fully customisable) Has the option to stop after a certain number of tasks automatically and logout Special Attack Weapon support with weapon switching and intelligent randomisation-based antiban Support for Superior Slayer Monsters (acquired through the Bigger and Badder purchasable perk), with the potential to drop loot worth 26m and increasing XP/Hour considerably Automatic Dusty Key acquisition for Blue Dragon tasks Considerable antiban and multiple fail-safes including: Repeated server-message failsafe (checks if we are stuck and repeating the same broken action to save our account and resets) World-hopping if many people arrive at our location or someone sets up a cannon Combat-area resetting if dragged out of its area for any reason Area-locked looting to prevent anti-botters who try to drag the script out with loot Additional, toggleable, antiban options: Activatable "microbreaking" to simulate a player becoming distracted and semi-afking in the middle of a task Activatable "fatigue" system to simulate a player becoming tired and less responsive with time Multi-tabbed paint showing all of the information you need, including Slayer XP, Total XP, Profit/Loss and Tasks Completed Additional Antiban, unique algorithms, full ABCL2 10/10 compliance and a host of dynamic and randomised actions Simple, attractive GUI relative the huge host of features this script includes to make your life easier, with automatic saving/loading  
      Optimal use guide
      ARKSlayer has a full guide on how to setup the script and gain optimal XP, viewable here:
      Task list (all supported unless noted)
      Aberrant Spectres  Abyssal Demons Ankou Banshees Bloodveld Blue Dragons Brine Rats Basilisks Bronze Dragons Cave Bugs Cave Crawlers Cave Slimes Cockatrice Crawling Hands Crocodiles Dagannoth Dust Devils Earth Warriors Automatically skipped, since this task is in the Wilderness Elves Fever Spiders Fire Giants Gargoyles Ghouls Green Dragons Does Baby Dragons in Brimhaven Dungeon if above 34 Woodcutting, otherwise skips (since normal Green Dragons are in the wilderness) Harpie Bug Swarms Hellhounds Hill Giants Hobgoblins Ice Giants Ice Warriors Infernal Mages Jellies Jungle Horrors Kalphites Switches types killed based on combat level – Workers or Soldiers Killerwatts Kurask Lizards Lesser Demons Mogres Molanisks Automatically skips, Dorgesh-Kaan is a nightmare Moss Giants Nechryael Ogres Otherworldly Beings Pyrefiends Rockslugs Shades Sea Snakes Shadow Warriors Spiritual Creatures Automatically skips, may be added in the future Terror Dogs Automatically skips, may be added as a Slayer-Ring-only task in the future Turoth Trolls Supports multiple locations (including Jatizso) based on your account’s quests completed Vampyres Wall Beasts Werewolves  
      How do I try it?
        Repository Link

      How do I report a bug?
      If you find a bug, in order to fix a script as complex as ARKSlayer, I need the information in a certain format. Please report bugs using the format below:
      ARKSlayer Pro Bug Report Form
      Description of the bug in your own words:
      Debug panel contents:
      Task being completed:
      Your equipment at the time:
      Settings you were using (eg. Fairy Rings on? Prayer on? Special attacks on?):
      Any other relevant information:

      Progress Reports

      Please enjoy the script responsibly and report any bugs you may find! Progress reports are always welcome!
    • By Worthy
      Accessible now through the script's GUI!
      Just click "READ ME!"

      If you are botting on a remote machine and have difficulties browsing the web (and thus the documentation), pressing the "READ ME" button will also print your link and access token in the Client Debug. You may view this link in any web browser for 5 minutes to view the documentation on any computer.
      So, once pressing the "READ ME" button, the following link to view the documentation is generated in the Client Debug: http://worthy.rs/ZulrahSlayer/documentation.php?user=worthy
      (except it will show your TRiBot name).
    • By Worthy
      Welcome to Worthy Scripts

      Less than a year and a half ago, I released the first version of the Zulrah Slayer. It did the job well with over 1,000,000 total kills across 1300+ users. After much analysis and noted user feedback I decided to rewrite the script taking a better structured approach to improve efficiency and performance.
      New features
      Unlimited multi-kill performance The bot will determine if it has enough supplies to start another Zulrah battle after killing the boss the previous time. It can continue doing this until it runs out of food, allowing a single, double, triple, or quad+ kill. Options to teleport out if out of food and not winning is now available.
        Modular traveling system The navigation system in place has been restructured. Each travel route is broken into a set of movements, which is a small part of the overall route. Routes, such as fairy rings, charter travel, can easily be added with a combination of movements and plugged into the script. Navigation is smoother, reliable, and more inclusive. Fairy rings have been added. Mounted fairy rings will be added. Travel methods like Zul-andra scrolls and Camelot Charter have been restructured and are still available to use.
        Dynamically prioritized combat framework Combat has been improved tremendously to reduce mistakes and ensure success. All actions are broken down into several tasks which are ran and checked against a list of priorities.
        Improved Zulrah tracking Zulrah tracking has optimized computation-wise and improved accuracy-wise. The bot will be able to multi-task easily, keeping track of JAD attacks or anything else which may occur.  
      How to access
      There will be an closed beta for a 2-3 days before v2 is released. Anyone who is a current owner of v1 will be able to apply for a beta key and use v2 of the script. However, they are expected to report bugs if they find any. To apply for the beta, PRIVATE MESSAGE ME and I will add you to be whitelisted to v2. Link to the script is https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2123 After the closed beta, v1 will be updated to v2. Any user who has v1 will automatically be updated to v2.  
      Users which participate in the beta will have their stats automatically uploaded to the hiscores page. Link: http://www.worthy.rs/tribot-php/ZulrahSlayerV2/hiscores.php  
    • By yaw hide
      PLEASE BABYSIT OCCASIONALLY! I haven't tested this 100%!!!
      Welcome to my slayer script.
      This script does all 25 tasks of the burthorpe slayer master Turael. You need no slayer or combat requirements to get tasks from him BUT you will need a few requirements to use my script.
      You must have Cammy/fally/varrock/ardy/lumby tabs OR have the required runes. You must start the script with varrock tabs OR air/fire/law runes, a games necklace and the slayer gem in your INVENTORY everytime you start the script. you must have earmuffs, a spiny helmet, ice coolers, ropes, shanty passes, ring of duelings, games necklaces, coins, waterskins, ECTOPHIAL if you have access to canafis via the priest in peril quest, either a candle lanturn/oil lanturn/bulls eye lanturn, super antipoisons or regular antipoisons, fish for food trout/salmon/lobs/sharks  if you do not have every single thing in this list above, if you get a task that requires one or more of these items, the script will continually open the bank and close the bank, for hours! 5 agility to get over the low wall in fally Must have already been to gnome stronghold once You MUST have been inside the lumby swamp at least once and used a rope on the hole already If you want to use Runes instead of Tabs, make sure you have plenty of each rune type (law, air, water, fire, earth) AND if you dont have the required mage lv (lv 51 mage for ardy teleport for example), make sure to have THAT type of tab in your bank.  
      Change Log
      if you use anything from my script please give me credit
      Current Loot List (if you want more things to be added, please provide its proper string along with its id)
      String[] names = {"Law rune", "Death rune", "Nature rune", "Chaos rune", "Cosmic rune", ."Blood rune", "Soul rune", "Pure essence", "Adamant dart(p)","Black dragonhide", "Dragon bones", "Mithril bolts","Rune knife", "Law rune", "Dragonstone","Rune 2h sword", "Rune battleaxe","Rune spear", "Rune longsword", "Dragon spear","Adamant platebody", "Dragon med helm", "Rune kiteshield", "Rune sq shield", "Rune chainbody","Rune platelegs", "Rune arrow", "Blood rune", "Death rune","Nature rune", "Law rune", "Adamantite bar", "Shield left half","Silver ore", "Half of a key", "Half of a key","Runite bar", "Uncut diamond", "Uncut ruby", "Air orb", /**** herbs ****/"Herb", "Herb", "Herb", "Herb", "Herb", "Herb","Herb", "Herb", "Herb", "Herb", "Herb", "Herb", "Herb", "Herb", "Herb", "Herb", "Herb", "Herb","Herb", "Herb", "Herb", "Herb", //these are all the herbs that are 1k+ ea/****seeds ****/"Ranarr seed", "Lantadyme seed", "Curry seed", "Pineapple seed", "Papaya tree seed", "Papaya seed","Palm tree seed", "Palm seed", /****stackables ****/"Fire rune", "Earth rune", "Air rune", "Water rune"}; here is a proggy of it in action:
    • By Brian





      - - - - - OTHER FEATURES - - - - -

      - Prayer Support
      - Potion Support
      TO PURCHASE ($25 or 15M RSGP ):
      1. Go http://mutesscripts.com
      2. Go to Store > AIOSlayer and proceed with checkout
      3. Go To client area > Purchases
      4. Click AIOSlayer and download the file
      5. On initial start-up, enter the auth found under Purchases > AIOSlayer
      6. You are ready to go! 
      1. Buy the following items:

      2. Have the following in your inventory on start-up:
      - Enchanted Gem
      - Small cash stack (5K - 10K)
      - Varrock Tele-Tabs (10+) or Varrock Tele Runes

      3. MAKE SURE CLIENT INPUT IS OFF & Start the script!





      Q: What are the near future plans for this script?

      A: Fairy Rings, Range, Other Masters, Prayer, Potions, etc.

      Q: How many account can I run off of one auth?

      A:  Unlimited (On one computer).

      Q: Why Is the price so high?

      A: This is a slayer script that kills over 70 different monsters. You are entitled to all future updates if you purchase as well.



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