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Looting items at specific XYZ

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Currently trying to create a script to only collect my loot from the ground. I'm having one little issue with this block of code:

I'm currently just trying to make it to where magnetPosition is recorded, item id 526 is collected.


Magnet position being the XYZ where the attacked monster was killed.

Item ID 526 being Bones.


    public void gatherItemCollection() {
        if (isInCombat() != true) {
            RSGroundItem[] itemsOnGround = GroundItems.getAt(magnetPosition);
            if (itemsOnGround.length > 0) {
                for (RSGroundItem item : GroundItems.getAt(magnetPosition.getX(), magnetPosition.getY(),
                        magnetPosition.getPlane(), ((Filters.GroundItems.idEquals(526))))) {
                    if (item != null && item.getID() == 526) {
                        DynamicClicking.clickRSGroundItem(item, "Take");
                        sleep(640, 1075);


Everything works if i remove this section, but then it tries to collect every item in a pile, regardless of item ID.



 for (RSGroundItem item : GroundItems.getAt(magnetPosition.getX(), magnetPosition.getY(),
                        magnetPosition.getPlane(), ((Filters.GroundItems.idEquals(526))))) {

// Do Something




Am I using filters wrong? Or does anyone see another issue going on?

I'm not getting any errors. The script does not execute anything within that argument.

Edited by im4ever12c

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RSGroundItem[] itemsOnGround = GroundItems.findNearest((526));

if (!Player.getRSPlayer().isInCombat()){
    if (itemsOnGround.length > 0){
        if (itemsOnGround[0].click("Take -> item name")){
            Timing.waitCondition(() -> {
                return Player.getPosition().equals(itemsOnGround[0].getPosition());
            }, General.random(7000, 8000));



this will search for the item with id 526 then click take then wait till the player tile is the same as the item 

Edited by testing1
updated as fals said down there

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The problem is that you are clicking "Take" and it is clicking the first option that starts with "Take" which is top item on the stack.  You should grab the item definition to get the name of the item, so you can then click: "Take " + itemName. If you know which item you are trying to click beforehand, you can hardcode it as "Take Magnet" or whatever you're trying to take.

You can also check the RSMenuNodes from the ChooseOption class to check which specific option pertains to which specific RSGroundItem, which can be useful in some situations

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1 hour ago, FALSkills said:

The problem is that you are clicking "Take" and it is clicking the first option that starts with "Take" which is top item on the stack


For example, "Take advantage of the poor stray dog in Varrock that has nobody to help him against animal cruelty".


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Exactly what the others have said. The code should be something like this,

if (itemsOnGround[0].click("Take " + itemsOnGround[0].getDefinition().getID())) { 
  // or if you change it from ID to the name of the item, change the "getID()" 
  //to "getName()"


Edited by flamekiller999

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