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⭐*CHEAPEST* Void/Defenders/Torso⭐ 3+ workers ✔️ FAST AND RELIABLE ✔️

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Posted (edited)
Welcome to
Stewie's Minigames Service
All services are done 100% by hand!
Join my Discord by clicking link below!
Accepted payment methods:
-OSRS gp
-PayPal (TriBot users only)
A void set is guarenteed to be completed within 48 hours after ordering
Novice boat (40-69 combat):
Full void with 1 helm = $24 (Extra helm +$5)
Intermediate boat (70-99 combat):
Full void with 1 helm = $21 (Extra helm +$4.50)
Veteran boat (100+ combat):
Full void with 1 helm = $18 (Extra helm +$4)
A torso is guarenteed to be completed within 24 hours after ordering
Fighter Torso/Penance skirt = $10
Fighter/Healer/Runner/Ranger hat = $7
Guarenteed to be completed within 24 hours after ordering
Bronze - Rune defender = $6
Bronze - Dragon defender = $8
Extra defenders = $1.50 each
Fastest way to contact is to join my Discord Server.
Alternatively you can directly add me on Discord:
User: Stewie#3076
Unique id: 381802490028490762
or Skype by clicking the link below
Terms of Service
-No refunds after the service has started.
-You must remove unnecessary wealth of the account.
-You will provide everything needed for the service.
-Don't change password while service is running.
-Don't login while service is running.
-We are not responsible for any bans during the service, because all of our services
are 100% done by hand and we do not use a bot of any kind.
-After our services are complete, you must change your password.
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  • Similar Content

    • By Java
      Fast and humanly Unique clicking Threaded antiban Threaded deathcheck Threaded combat checking  Threaded camera control Randomly walks  Prioritizes portals, then Spinners Doesn't attack dead or close to dead NPCs  

      SOURCE: https://github.com/javaTribot/java.PestControl/blob/master/PestControl.java
      REPO: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3045
    • By Optimus
      Hey TRiBot community!
      The script has been in development for the past ~4 Years, but I've recently just rewrote the entire script, and it now performs better than any other. It's been engineered in a way that mimics a human player down to the littlest detail. It uses human like behavior, playing strategies and teamwork, while also simulating human reaction times and mouse movements, making the script extremely powerful and safe to use.
      To purchase the script or activate your free 1 hour trial, visit the repository:
      The current features of the script are:
      VIP is not required Free 1 Hour Trial Advanced ABC2 Antiban Three different playing styles:

      -Defend the knight : The script will defend the void knight, and also kill monsters around the portals to keep your activity bar high.

      Attack the portals: The script will kill the portals as they open up, while also attacking spinners and surrounding npcs when necessary.

      -Repair mode (gain no hp XP): Perfect for defence pures, the script will keep you activity high by chopping down trees and repairing the doors / barricades around the map.
        The script generates unique characteristics for each different account. Point spending feature that will purchase desired items from the void shop when you have enough points. Can join a clan chat and follow the team to different worlds. Can fight with quick prayers Uses the special attack of all weapons Drinks all potions Uses a complex algorithm to calculate the order in which portals will open up. Works well with TRiBot's break handler feature You can start the script from anywhere! It will use the PC minigame teleport if necessary. Randomized pathing each game. Efficiently handles brawlers & splatters' User friendly UI with extensive customization Can play in all boats (Novice, Intermediate, Veteran) Fast at entering the boat ( Multi threaded ) Simple and effective paint that displays points / XP gained.
        Below is a video of the script in action, and some screenshots of results that users have achieved. 

      Reaching max points in a single run:

      Reaching max points again:

      Spending max points on 99 HP: 
      Spending max points again:
      Spending max points again:

    • By rskingp
      Goldkfc.com is buying/selling/Swaping gold with Runescape3(RS3),Runescape oldschool (RS2007/OSRS),Runescape regular deadman and seasonal deadman.We are also offering RS3 firecape,RS3 kilncape,RS2007 Firecape,RS07 minigame (torso,void set)and OSRS quest service.       Use coupon code when ordering our site,get better price. Coupon Code: TRIBOT   Discord:  rskingp#9505    
      Order format:      
      Terms Of Service 1.I am not responsible for any bans during/after the service. 2.I have the right to decline any orders. 3.You must not change password and must not login during the service,doing so will result in a void service with NO Refund. 4.You should move gold to another account before the service. Make it easier,for us both! 5.We never go first to anyone. 6.You must change password after we done the service .   
      2007 FireCape
      (Will done in 2-6hours)
      Some of Completed Capes:
      Got pet "Tzrek-Jad":  https://gyazo.com/96dd1e4851ec40ce2fe5f7acb966abf9 
      Cape#1:  http://gyazo.com/cddc8ab069ca3e12fb360d58b0dd0a0d
       Cape#2:  http://gyazo.com/19210023d64d5a144884fc4051e01bdd
      Cape#3:  http://gyazo.com/f80c62a5dfa87a07c436d16ee8b0f8e7
      Cape#4:  http://gyazo.com/1b675133095a259b50c50c8f11c478a1
      Cape#5:  http://gyazo.com/d0fa0d531fc74823e3a3634cfe98b566
      Cape#6:  http://gyazo.com/9b01829842602d65f579868c833441b1
      Cape#7:  http://gyazo.com/4eb847a759cb1bb545656f7e42d014db
      Cape#8:  http://gyazo.com/248524952f9a51030d567dc256904dff
      Cape#9:  http://gyazo.com/c7ecdbff661ed18f18550e45cb18e0f1
      Cape#10:  http://gyazo.com/5a90400a0d21a1600b65f88c67da2e96
      1.Skills:70+ranged    40+def    43+pray     50+hp           
      guthix coif, Black dragonhid set , snakesing boots, Toxic Blowpie with 3000 Adamant dart, 20%+ Scales > Karils crossbow with 4000 Bolt racks, 18 super restore potion(4), 4 range potion (4), 6 saradomin brew (4), glory, avas > cloak.      2. Skills:70+ranged    1 +def    43+pray     50+hp           Requirements: coif, Black dragonhide set > Monks robe top,  climbing boots > leather boots, karils crossbow, 4000 bolt racks, 16 super restore potion(4), 4 range potion (4), 7 saradomin brew (4), 300 sweets (for Pure), amulet of glory, avas > cloak .     3. Skills:60+ranged    40+def    43+pray     50+HP         Requirements:  coif, red dragonhide set , snakesing boots , magic shortbow , 4000 rune arrows, 17 super restore potion(4), 4 range potion (4), 7 saradomin brew (4), amulet of glory, avas > cloak.    4. Skills:60+ranged    1 +def    43+pray     50+hp           Requirements coif, red dragonhide set > Monks robe top,  climbing boots > leather  boots, magic shortbow , 4000 rune arrows, 16 super restore potion(4), 4 range potion  (4), 7 saradomin brew (4), 400 sweets (for Pure), amulet of glory, avas > cloak .   5. Skills::50+ranged    40+def    43+pray     50+HP     Requirements coif, blue dragonhide set , snakesing boots , magic shortbow , 5000 rune arrows, 16 super restore potion(4), 4 range potion (4), 8 saradomin brew (4), amulet of glory, avas > cloak.    6. Skills:50+ranged    1 +def    43+pray    50+hp              Requirements:  coif, blue dragonhide set > Monks robe top,  climbing boots > leather  boots, magic shortbow , 7000 rune arrows, 16 super restore potion(4), 4 range potion  (4), 7 saradomin brew (4), 500 sweets (for Pure), amulet of glory, avas > cloak .   Payment method:   PP/Skrill/BTC/WMZ/RSGP  

      Your skills:
      Payment method:
      Added me yet:
      Always ask for a pm before trade.
    • By Netami
      Welcome to the thread for Netami's Pest Control (Updated June 2018)! Netami's Pest Control is the last pest control script you'll ever need to purchase. Currently included features are below, with more always in development!
      All boats supported Defend knight mode Portal attack mode Repair mode Adjustable ABC2 sleeps Automatic spec weapon usage Quick prayer support  To suggest a new feature, just comment here on the thread with what you'd like to see added!


      Get it here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2352
    • By Zulrahkiller20
      The pest control script  is not working properly and Tri scripter is not replying to my messages. What you suggest me to do?
    • By Zulrahkiller20
      Hello i need help what to do if my Pest Control bot not working right, he is doing something but not what he supposed to do bot runned 50 games but mannaged to get only 6 point.Problem is it dont gain points because of inanctivity.What should i do? Should i ask scripter to fix the script or to return money? because bot is working very bad right now making zero progress .
    • By dantan
      Void Set - 40M Includes : Helm/Top/Robe/Gloves Veteran
      Void Set - 30M Includes : Helm/Top/Robe/Gloves Gears & Supplies
      The customer has to provide minimal gear or better. Supplies are provided by us.
      100% Safe & Reliable
      Our pest control service is manually done by hand. We also provide a full video record of the session.
      Time Frame : 1 - 2 working days.
      *Exact Time will be given during your order.
      Terms of Service
      Payment terms : 50% before and 50% after completion. No Changing of email/password during the service. We are not responsible for any bans/mutes/hacks during or after the service. No logging in until after the service is completed. Payment
      OSRS GP only ( For Now )
    • By smjpilli
      Can any scripters out there be persuaded to make a script for the keg balancing 'minigame'? It offers ~60k strenght xp/hr without any HP xp making it pretty useful. It's a pretty unknown method. Basically how it works is you start with an inventory full of Energy potion (4) and pick up the keg. Every time it depletes your energy by 10% drink a dose of the energy pot to get back to 100% and that will reduce your chance of dropping the keg, maximising your exp.... Below is a link to a video that explains it.
      My knowledge of scripting is relatively limited but this seems like an easy script to produce. The only function thats necessary is pick up keg / drink dose / bank downstairs in warriors guild - pretty simple unless I'm wrong?
      This is a great idea for a script because:
      - 60k/hr strength XP without HP - great for pures especially.
      - I imagine relatively low ban rate, no one would expect a bot here as it's a relatively unknown method as it is, also its combat xp without stealing NPC's from other players which is why combat bots get banned as people dont like people stealing their xp etc...
      Please think about it, if someone offers to make it flawlessly for a price to me privately, feel free to message me about that too.
    • By 2015k
      Please post in the following format:
      Service requested:
      Timeframe allowed:
      Payment method:
      Read Terms of Service? (Can't start until you agree to them):
      Terms of Service

      1. You may not log into the account during a service unless you have permission, doing so will result in the termination of the service with NO Refund.
      2. You MUST NOT change the details of the account until the service has been completed, doing so will result in a void service with NO Refund.
      3. If there are any items required for the service, you must cover them.
      4. You MUST change your password after the service is completed
      5. If you have any substantial wealth on the account, it is your responsibility to protect it (Either Bank Pin/Transfer Trade)
      6. Once the service is complete you must leave Feedback for the relevant parties involved
      7. You MUST Post on the service thread to acknowledge the T.O.S and start the service
      8. If the Service is requested to be done legit, any T.O.S related to bans/mutes become obsolete (Unless evidence can be provided of prior botting) (All of our services are hand done unless requested to be botted).
  • Our picks

    • This update features:

      Fixed broken hooks from today's update

      Fix wilderness level with RuneLite (Thanks @Todd)

      Add support for Kotlin .class files in scripts (Thanks @wastedbro)

      Overhaul Inventory API (Thanks @wastedbro)

      Add List support for common methods

      Change method grouping to make more sense (by functionality)

      Refactor methods to utilize Java 8 streams instead of cumbersome loops

      Recognize chatbox minimization (Thanks @JoeDezzy1)

      Fix Screen#isInViewport when NPC chat is open (Thanks @JoeDezzy1)

      Fix login bot bugs (Thanks @erickho123)

      Fix hint arrow return values (Thanks @Encoded)

      Fix depositAllExcept functionality (Thanks @wastedbro)

      Change containing box interface bound and adjust for Y values (Thanks @erickho123)
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      • 150 replies
    • This release will:

      Fix prayers and world hopper API (Thanks @JoeDezzy1 and @erickho123)

      Improve banking API (Thanks @Encoded)

      Adds methods for returning and using Java Lists, rather than arrays

      Slightly randomizes some hardcoded behaviour

      Removes sleeps from waitConditions; the efficiency saving potential is negligible in these use-cases, therefore cleaner code is preferable

      Other back-end improvements

      Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot.
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      • 90 replies
    • This release will:

      Add new internal framework for capturing exceptions

      Fix issue with not selecting the last column in world hopper (Thanks @Todd)

      Add a message about pin usage in Banking#openBank (Thanks @Todd)

      Disable the firewall by default (Thanks @Todd)

      Fix handling of the welcome screen after login (Thanks @Encoded)

      Fix wrong amount bank withdrawal (Thanks @Encoded)

      Fix Screen#isInViewport

      Fix Game#isInViewport (Thanks @Encoded)

      Call onBreakEnd for ListenerManager Breaking Listeners (Thanks @Encoded)

      Fix Prayer#getPrayerPoints NumberFormatException (Thanks @JoeDezzy1)

      Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot.
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      • 28 replies
    • This release will:

      Fix LG for both OSBuddy and RuneLite

      Fix issue where the resizable client isn't able to be made smaller (Thanks @JoeDezzy1)

      Fix detection of the logout game tab when resizable mode and side panels are enabled (Thanks @JoeDezzy1)

      Add initial support for Sentry to allow us to identify and easily debug exceptions happening with all TRiBot users

      Add methods to determine if the bank is actually loaded, and not just the overarching interface (Thanks @wastedbro)

      Upcoming updates:

      Improved CLI support

      Full Sentry support

      Much more
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    • This release will:

      Fix NPE in Camera API (Thanks @wastedbro)

      Update deposit box interface ids (Thanks @Encoded)

      Add various bank methods (Thanks @wastedbro)




      Fix resizeable minimap bug (Thanks @wastedbro)

      Remove Java 8 requirement

      Please note: TRiBot is not yet fully compatible with Java 10+

      Fix the break handler issues by ensuring the break handler thread never gets paused

      Fix broken settings hooks

      Upcoming updates:

      Improved CLI support

      Much more

      Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot
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