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Netami's Barrows V3 - [Customizable] - [GUI Profiles] - [Argument Support]

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Welcome to the thread for Netami's Barrows V3!


Netami's Barrows (V3) is the successor to the ever popular nBarrows. Though they may share an author,

make no mistake, Netami's Barrows has been built from the ground up to improve on points where nBarrows

was lacking, including it's efficiency, customization, and reliability.


This script has been built on the suggestions and feedback from nBarrows users from *thousands* of

hours of runtime! New additions as well as vastly improving the base functioning of a barrows

scripts allows Netami's Barrows V3 to take this method to a new level.





This script currently supports:

- Integrated muling

- Gear customizability

- Death walking

- Custom food/prayer potion settings

- Per brother customization for prayers, style, special attacks, and more!

- Use of ranging potions and super sets OR super combats

- Trident recharging

- Automated GE Restocking

- Gathering Rewards Potential intelligently

- Bank skipping

- Profit tracking and dynamic signatures

- Health/prayer restore between runs

- Low ammo/trident charges detection

- GUI setting saving/loading

- Script arguments support

- Full support for break handler

- Support for starting from CLI

- Support for resizeable/fixed mode as well as Looking Glass

- JavaFX GUI for a cleaner interface




- Priest in peril quest
- I HIGHLY recommend 75 magic for a trident, as well as 60+ ranged for Ahrim.

Melee stats are optional but recommended to gather KC.

- You can find more info about Barrows setups and stats here:




Things to know before running:

- If using Looking Glass, make sure to disable the client's barrows plugin

- Hiding of roofs in the RS Game Settings MUST be enabled

- It is recommended to use a RS zoom level that is zoomed slightly out from default (1 tick left of middle)

- Combat style index refers to the weapon attack style to use on that brother (leave at -1 if unsure)

- You need to have a spade and barrows teleports in bank

- Barrows armors in gear is not automatically repaired

- Blowpipe is not automatically refilled


Short video tutorial by @adamhackz (outdated):













Information on using the automated muling can be found in

the FAQ channel in my discord server linked below



- Please delete hooks.dat and the jagex cache before reporting bugs.

- Please message me with bug reports. Ensure to properly fill out a bug report.

I will fix them as soon as possible - they are very much appreciated. 



Script Discord:



Script Hiscores:



Dynamic Signatures:



To obtain your own signature:

Copy the below link, replacing YOURNAME with your TRiBot Username:


Edited by Netami
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Just now, cass2186 said:

working great! what is the combat index?

I meant to add that to the thread, whoops! Combat index is the attack style on the weapon it will use, the top left option is always 0 (for melee and ranged weapons) and it will go right->left, top-> bottom increasing by one. If unsure just leave it at -1 :)


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21 minutes ago, Grinspoon said:

This is great bought it after the free trial and I have no complaints.


Again guys if you have any suggestions at all to make this script even better, be sure to PM them to me on the forums OR discord me at Netami#0001

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Hey guys I have another release waiting to fix some GUI profile related issues as well as fix autocast support, sadly the repository compiler has been down for several hours with no updates given, so I'll be trying to upload it first thing in the morning in around 8-9 hours.

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27 minutes ago, Grinspoon said:

I'm not exactly sure what happens because I haven't been around the past two times, but when I have breaks set up it seems to malfunctions. It says waiting to break at Clan Wars but then idles at Barrows gets logged out and wont log back in.

I'm not too sure what could be causing this, I'm currently delaying the start of the break until we are back at Clan Wars. If you catch it again could you upload the contents of both debug tabs to Pastebin and PM them to me?

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