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(Finally) received a 2 day ban after 95m ~ XP and hundreds of mills farmed. ​​​​​​​

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I just wanted to say, thank you tribot for the massive gains on my ironman. I definitely WILL NOT be botting that account anymore wouldn't want to risk a perm. 


I initially started botting in November. I wanted to make gains but I had finals. I didn't want to risk my 2k+ total main, so i botted a fresh ironman. I started with just agility and wintertodt,  thinking "oh, i'll just bot graceful.. nothing serious just an early game grind. If i get permed at least i didn't invest any time into this account". (I didn't bot with the intentions of gold farming, I botted with the intention of eventually receiving a 2 day). 

Soon after, I found myself botting all resource gathering skills since i'm an iron, some skills cannot be automated.My goal was to make it to 2k total with 200m fm and 200m thieving.My downfall was that i got extremely greedy. I broke the rules i set for myself and I know exactly which script specifically got me banned. I got lazy. Fellow botters stay safe, don't get greedy and you can't potentially bot for a very long time.

Further more, I've experimented with many scrips on here enough to know without a doubt that there are some GODLYYYY scripts on here in which, the only bans are due to user mistakes (no breaks, long hours in a single place, very repetitive "schedules" etc).

I have no regrets. 22$ total invested for 95m XP, a lot of gp, pet's etc. That's essentially hundreds of hours saved. 


Just as a disclaimer: Jagex if you're listening, I don't advocate botting i'd rather not get permed Lol..




Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 3.30.33 PM.png

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4 hours ago, Jackasia said:

Same here .. I'm 9 levels away from max cape and 100's of mills on my main all from botting 14 hours a day using tribot. No ban so far.

Impressive brother. 


1 hour ago, Priscilla said:

Nice progress!
What did you do for the hunter portion?


red chins to 98, black chins to 99.

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