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[1-39 DEFENCE]                   
50-60 Range = 45.50M        
61-69 Range = 32.49M        
70-74 Range = 23.39M        
75-79 Range = 19.49M        
80-89 Range = 18.19M        
90-99 Range = 16.89M

[40-69 DEFENCE]
50-60 Range = 36.39M
61-69 Range = 25.99M
70-74 Range = 20.79M
75-79 Range = 16.77M
80-89 Range = 15.47M
90-99 Range = 14.29M

[70-99 DEFENCE]
50-60 Range = 29.89M
61-69 Range = 23.39M
70-74 Range = 19.49M
75-79 Range = 15.59M
80-89 Range = 12.99M
90-99 Range = 12.34M



70-99 - 10gp/xp (Prayer Potion)
70-99 - 15gp/xp (Absorption Potion)

1-99 - 25gp/xp
(prices for stuff such as obby maulers etc may vary)

MM1 Tunnels - 13gp/xp
MM2 Tunnels - 7gp/xp

MM1 Tunnels - 17gp/xp
MM2 Tunnels - 10gp/xp

20-40 - 225gp/xp (al kharid)
40-60 - 140gp/xp (canafis)
60-80/90 - 100gp/xp (seers)
80-90  - 90gp/xp (rellekka)
90-99 - 75gp/xp (ardougne)

1-52 - 80gp/xp
52-99 - 20gp/xp

1-35 - 80gp/xp (Fish)
35-68 - 30gp/xp (Wines)
68-99 - 12gp/xp (wines)

1-54 - 55gp/xp (fastest method)
54-99 - 20gp/xp (battlestaves)
84-99 - 15gp/xp (black d'hide bodies)

15-45 - 100gp/xp
45-60 - 40gp/xp
60-75 - 25gp/xp
75-99 - 15gp /xp

Tithe Farming:
Level 34-54 - 190gp/xp (200gp/xp w/o humidify)
Level 54-74 - 80gp/xp (100gp/xp w/o humidify)
Level 74-99 - 50gp/xp (60 gp/xp w/o humidify)

100k/point (w/ Graceful & Humidify)
110k/point (w/o Graceful & Humidify)

1-50 - 90gp/xp (logs)
50-99 - 35gp/xp (logs)
50-99 - 25gp/xp (wintertodt)

Wintertodt - 400k/crate

1-58 - 120gp/xp
58-70 - 80gp/xp
70-99 - 50gp/xp

1-37 - 50gp/xp
37-52 - 20gp/xp (Steel Darts)
52-67 - 10gp/xp (Mithril Darts)
67-95 - 8gp/xp (Adamant Darts)
95-99 - 4gp/xp (Dragon Darts)

3-52  - 40gp/xp
52-81 - 20gp/xp
81-99 - 15gp/xp

1-59 - 150gp/xp (fastest method)
59-67 - 100gp/xp (red salamanders)
67-80 - 70gp/xp (black salamanders)
80-99 - 45gp/xp (any method)

High Level Alchemy - 35gp/xp
Teleporting (1-55) - 22gp/xp
Splashing - 20gp/xp

15-99 - 100gp/xp (Powermining)
31-72 - 90gp/xp (Motherlode Mine)
72-99 - 50gp/xp (Motherlode Mine) (75gp/xp w/o upper level unlocked)

1-70/99 - 18gp/xp (Dragon Bones)
70-99 - 10gp/xp (Superior Dragon Bones)

ZMI/Lavas: (Lunar's Diplomacy + 71/82 Magic (ZMI/Lavas) Required)
23-50 - 150gp/xp
50-75 - 120gp/xp
75-99 - 100gp/xp

Zeah: You keep the runes.
Blood Runes (77+ RC) - 75gp/xp
Soul Runes (91+ RC) - 65gp/xp

1-50 - 200gp/xp
50-65 - 130gp/xp
65-80 - 110gp/xp
80-93 - 100gp/xp
93-99 - 80gp/xp

1-29 - 800k (Knight's Sword Quest)
29-40/68 - 50gp/xp
40-99 - 20gp/xp w/ Gold Bars (requires ice gloves/goldsmith gauntlets)
68-99 - 25gp/xp w/ Anvil

1-55 - 200gp/xp (fastest method)
55-99 - 75gp/xp (blackjacking)
55-99 - 55gp/xp (ardy knights)
(ardy knights, preferably with rogue outfit & Ardougne cloak 2)

1-35 - 65gp/xp
35-70 - 55gp/xp
70-99 - 45gp/xp
90-99 - 25gp/xp



Black Knights' Fortress - [1M]
Cook's Assistant - [500K]
The Corsair Curse - [2M]
Demon Slayer - [1.5M]
Doric's Quest - [500K]
Dragon Slayer - [3M]
Ernest the Chicken - [1M]
Goblin Diplomacy - [500K]
Imp Catcher - [500K]
Misthalin Mystery - [2M]
The Knight's Sword - [1.5M]
Pirate's Treasure - [1M]
Prince Ali Rescue - [2M]
The Restless Ghost - [1M]
Romeo and Juliet - [1M]
Rune Mysteries - [1M]
Sheep Shearer - [500K]
Shield of Arrav - [3M]
Vampire Slayer - [500K]
Witch's Potion - [1M]
X marks the spot - [1M]

Animal Magnetism - [2.5M]
Another Slice of H.A.M. - [3M]
The Ascent of Arceuus - [2M] (+3M for favor)
Between a Rock... - [4M]
Big Chompy Bird Hunting - [1.5M]
Biohazard - [2M]
Bone Voyage - [2M]
Cabin Fever - [3M]
Client of Kourend - [2M]
Clock Tower - [1M]
Cold War - [5M]
Contact! - [3M]
Creature of Fenkenstrain - [2M]
Darkness of Hallowvale - [7M]
Death Plateau - [1.5M]
Death to the Dorgeshuun - [4M]
The Depths of Despair - [2M] (+3M for favor)
Desert Treasure - [8M] (18M Without Prayer)
Devious Minds - [2M]
The Digsite - [3M]
Dragon Slayer II - [25M]
Dream Mentor - [5M]
Druidic Ritual - [1M]
Dwarf Cannon - [1.5M]
Eadgar's Ruse - [4.5M]
Eagle's Peak - [3M]
Elemental Workshop I - [1.5]
Elemental Workshop II - [2M]
Enakhra's Lament - [3M]
Enlightened Journey - [2M]
The Eyes of Glouphrie - [4M]
Fairytale I - Growing Pains - [3M]
Fairytale II - Curse a Queen - [3.5M]
Family Crest - [2.5M]
The Feud - [3.5M]
Fight Arena - [1.5M]
Fishing Contest - [1.5]
Forgettable Tale... - [7M]
The Forsaken Tower - [2.5M] (+3M for favor)
The Fremennik Exiles - [5M]
The Fremennik Isles - [7M]
The Fremennik Trials - [6M]
Garden of Traunquility - [8M]
Gertrude's Cat - [1.5M]
Ghosts Ahoy - [5M]
The Giant Dwarf - [5M]
The Golem - [2M]
The Grand Tree - [2.5M]
The Great Brain Robbery - [5M]
Grim Tales - [4M]
The Hand in the Sand - [2.5M]
Haunted Mine - [3M]
Hazeel Cult - [1.5M]
Heroes' Quest - [6M]
Holy Grail - [3M]
Horror from the Deep - [2M] (+4M with mini-quest)
Icthlarin's Little Helper - [3.5M]
In Aid of the Myreque - [7M]
In Search of the Myreque - [2M]
Jungle Potion - [1.5M]
King's Ransom - [2.5M] (+5M with mini-quest)
Legends' Quest - [9M]
Lost City - [1.5M]
The Lost Tribe - [2.5M]
Lunar Diplomacy - [7M]
Making Friends with My Arm - [6M]
Making History - [2.5M]
Merlin's Crystal - [2M]
Monk's Friend - [1M]
Monkey Madness I - [7M] (9M without Prayer)
Monkey Madness II - [20M]
Mountain Daughter - [3M]
Mourning's End Part I - [6M]
Mourning's End Part II - [9M]
Murder Mystery - [1.5M]
My Arm's Big Adventure - [5M] (+2M for favor)
Nature Spirit - [2M]
Observatory Quest - [2M]
Olaf's Quest - [4M]
One Small Favour - [6M]
Plague City - [1.5M]
Priest in Peril - [2M]
The Queen of Thieves - [3M] (+3M for favor)
Rag and Bone Man - [2M]
Rag and Bone Man 2 - [15M]
Ratcatchers - [7M] (10M with kitten)

Part 1 Helping the Cook - [1M]
Sub-quest 1 Freeing the Mountain Dwarf - [1.5M]
Sub-quest 2 Freeing the Goblins - [1.5M]
Sub-quest 3 Freeing Pirate Pete - [2M]
Sub-quest 4 Freeing the Lumbridge Guide - [2M]
Sub-quest 5 Freeing Evil Dave - [2.5M] (5M with kitten)
Sub-quest 6 Freeing Skrach Uglogwee - [2.5M]
Sub-quest 7 Freeing Sir Amik Varze - [4M]
Sub-quest 8 Freeing King Awowogei - [5M]
Part 3 The Fights - [3M]

Recruitment Drive - [2M]
Regicide - [8M]
Roving Elves - [4M]
Royal Trouble - [4M]
Rum Deal - [3M]
Scorpion Catcher - [2M]
Sea Slug - [1.5M]
Shades of Mort'ton - [3M]
Shadow of the Storm - [3M]
Sheep Herder - [2M]
Shilo Village - [3.5M]
The Slug Menace - [4M]
Song of the Elves - [30M]
A Soul's Bane - [3M]
Spirits of the Elid - [2.5M]
Swan Song - [5M]
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio - [3.5M]
A Tail of Two Cats - [4.5M]
Tale of the Righteous - [2.5M] (+2.5M for favor)
A Taste of Hope - [7M]
Tears of Guthix - [1.5M]
Temple of Ikov - [3M]
Throne of Miscellania - [6M]
The Tourist Trap - [4M]
Tower of Life - [3M]
Tree Gnome Village - [1.5M]
Tribal Totem - [1.5M]
Troll Romance - [3M]
Troll Stronghold - [2.5M]
Underground Pass - [6M] (10M with low agility)
Wanted! - [5M]
Watchtower - [5M]
Waterfall Quest - [2M]
What Lies Below - [3M]
Witch's House - [1M]
Zogre Flesh Eaters - [3.5M]



Fighter Torso - [25M]
Hat - [18M]
Queen Kill - [8M]

Halo - [26.25M]
Decorative ranged top - [14M]
Decorative ranged legs - [10.5M]
Decorative magic robe top - [14M]
Decorative magic robe legs - [10.5M]

Tickets - [350k/each]

Mage Arena I - [3M]
Spell Unlocks - [500K/each]
Mage Arena II - [7M] [1.5M/extra cape]

Full Void (40+ cmb) - [51M]
Full Void (70+ cmb) - [42.5M]
Full Void (100+ cmb) - [34M]

+1 Additional void Helm (40+ cmb) - [12M]
+1 Additional void Helm (70+ cmb) - [10M]
+1 Additional void Helm (100+ cmb) - [8M]

Novice lander (40+ cmb) - [68K/point]
Intermediate lander (70+ cmb) - [56.66K/point]
Veteran lander (100+ cmb) - [45.33K/point]

1. All Payments are to be given up front before we start any type of service with NO exceptions.

2. There will be NO refunds once payment has been taken unless we are no longer able to complete your request and will only be refunded the remaining order amount.

3. You are NOT allowed to log into the account while the service is being completed unless we have given you permission to do so. If you log into the account without permission your order will be terminated without giving you a refund.

4. You will NOT recover the account whilst it is in our possession. If you need to terminate your order please contact us and we will allow you to change your password back. Any attempts to reclaim the account prematurely will lead to the order being terminated instantly, without us resuming later.

5. Before we start any type of work all valuables MUST be removed from the account. Only the items needed to complete the order itself should be left on the account. Failure to do this means we will not be able to assume responsibility for any wealth that goes missing.

6. All of our services are 100% hand done we do not use any type of bot or macros to do your service. If you wish for us to take screenshots of the progress you must request it before the service begins and will be deleted after 72 hours of completing your order.

7. By ordering from us you recognize the risks of having us or our workers on your account and will NOT hold us responsible if Jagex infracts your account this can include but not limited to bans/mutes.

8. You will need to change the password immediately AFTER the service is completed this is for your own safety! We will not be held responsible for any bans/mutes/hacks after the service have been completed.

9. When placing an order from us you automatically agree to our terms and conditions listed above.


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    • By Crimson
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      Terms of Service
    • By Optimus
      A little about myself:
      I started working for TRiBot over 6 years ago now, and have been an active premium script developer ever since. I've also had a big part in goldfarming / RS botting scene since well before then, but TRiBot was where I decided to settle as I found it the safest and best platform to use.
      Link to my TRiBot profile: Optimus - TRiBot Forums
      For any new users of the script; here's a brief description of what the script does:
      Optimus AIO Combat & Magic is an AIO (All in one) script for TRiBot that was designed to train your account up from start to finish. Whether you want to train your slayer up while training your combat stats, or train your magic using any spell from air strike to ice barrage, it's all supported. I've poured over 5 years of hard work and development into the script; and the result is a safe & easy to use script that should meet all of your botting needs and expectations.
      The script also implements advanced antiban methods created using thousands of hours of real human playing data, I've managed to make the script out-perform most human players, while also avoiding detection and staying under the radar from Jagex's anti-bot technology.

      Features Overview:
      Supports CLI Launcher & Script arguments:
      Enter the name of your GUI settings as the script argument and you'll be botting in seconds!
      Combat features:
      Kills every monster in the game including but not limited too:
      ~Al-kharid warriors
      ~Chaos druids
      ~Stronghold of security
      ~All slayer dungeons
      ~All slayer monsters (Also uses finishing items such as Bags of salt, ice coolers, rock hammers, rock thrownhammers etc)
      ~Dragons (Including Brutals, and will keep safe distance if you're using ranged/magic)
      ~Crabs (Sand & Rock crabs + makes them aggressive again)
      ~Cave Kraken & splashing Kraken boss
      ~Wilderness monsters
      ~Nightmare zone bosses
      And hundreds of different monsters, literally anything else you can think of!
      Ironman mode:
      The script now supports ironman and ultimate ironman mode accounts, and will only attack / loot your own monsters on those accounts.
      Intelligent combat system that supports the following:
      - All food types + bones to peaches
      - Banking for more supplies at every bank in RS
      - All special attacks + weapon switching
      - All potion types (Including NMZ potions)
      - Full prayer support + quick prayers + recharging prayer at altars
      - Dwarf multicannon support + anti decay
      - Guthans for healing
      - Safe spotting
      - Worldhopping when certain conditions are met
      - All magic spells supported + can re-equip staffs and setup autocast for you automatically
      - Progressive training system so the script can automatically switch training methods / equipment when it levels up.
      Intelligent looting system that supports the following:
      - Looting by item name or ID
      - Loot items by item price (E.g loot all items over 500gp)
      Ironman looting - Only loots from monsters you've killed
      - Loot using telekinetic grab
      - Bury bones you loot
      - High alching the loot you pickup
      - Accurate profit calculations & tracking
      - Automatically uses the looting bag & herb sack 
      And much much more...
      Magic features:
      The script is also an AIO Magic script that supports every single combat AND non combat magic spell available on the Regular,Ancient and Lunar spellbooks.
      All combat spells
      All cursing spells
      All enchantment spells for jewelry and bolts
      Superheat item
      All teleport spells
      All alchemy spells ( Can combo alch between casts to double your xp )
      The script can also train with the following lunar spells!
      Plank make
      Superglass make
      Tan leather
      Spin flax
      String Jewellery
      and More!
      Purchase info and script trial info:
      Free Trial
      Price: $FREE
      Every month you're allowed a free 10 hour trial with the script, enjoy
      1 month Package
      Price: $10
      VIP is not required to run the script
      The ability to train all of combat and magic effortlessly and safely for 1 month
      Complete customer support via discord and the TRiBot forums

      2 week Package
      Price: $6
      VIP is not required to run the script
      The ability to train all of combat and magic effortlessly and safely for 2 weeks
      Complete customer support via discord and the TRiBot forums
      To purchase the script or activate your free trial, click the image below:
      TRiBot Repository | Optimus Combat & Magic

    • By Eros Gaming
      A new beginning,
      we are a group of friends of 6 people which we have experience in the game, we are trained to do all kinds of osrs07 service, we are Venezonalos we are not scammers we have worked for the comfort of you our services are 100% by hand we do not use bot, We guarantee responsibility, security and speed with the services.
      hello guys, I'm offering services BGLOVES FROM LVL3 / MGLOVES / BGloves zerker. SKILLS QUEST AND MORE...
      we thank you for the great opportunity!
      for more inmorfacion MY DISCORD : EROS#1104
    • By Top Sales
      Services We Provide:

      Questing - can do any quest!
      Powerlevelling - currently only doing certain skills due to time restrictions.
      Minigames - can do defenders, mage arena 1 & 2.

      Discord: Topsales#4494

      Rock cake - 5M
      Ava's package - 8M
      NMZ quests - 8M
      Mithril gloves package - 23M
      Desert Treasure package - 23M
      Adamant gloves package - 37M
      Rune gloves package - 55M
      Barrows gloves - message me for price!

      Quest Prices:
      Terms of Service:

      1.) We can refuse any order.
      2.)You will provide everything that is needed to complete the order.
      3.) Payment must be paid upfront.
      4.)If you decide to cancel your order before it's completed, then you won't be refunded for the progress that has already been done.
      5.)Everything is done by hand, but We're still not responsible for any bans/mutes on your account.
      6.)You won't change your password in the middle of the order. If you do that, then your order will be cancelled and no refund shall be given.
      7.)Your responsibility is to change the password once your order is completed. If anything goes missing on your account after service is done, then We're not responsible.
      8.)You are responsible for all items/skills needed to complete the quests you ordered.
      9.) By contacting me for a service, you are agreeing that I may give your order to one of my workers. All workers have made deposits and are approved by me.
    • By Optimus
      Hey guys, Optimus here
        I noticed that TRiBot was lacking a good FREE auto fighter, so I decided to release a Lite Version of Optimus Combat & Magic for free!
      This version of the script has had certain features disabled, but is still very rich in features, so enjoy   To activate the script on the repository, please use the following links:
        https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3097-optimus-combat-magic/ - Lite Version

      https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/651-optimus-combat-magic/ - Premium Version
      Note: There is a 10 hour FREE TRIAL for anybody who wants to try out the PREMIUM VERSION of the script on the repository
        Preview:   Features Overview:   AIO Combat Features: Green features: FREE            Blue features: PREMIUM
        Start the script from absolutely anywhere in RS and it will navigate to your saved location. Complete all in one combat system that can fight every single monster in Runescape including but not limited too: -Brutal dragons
      -Everything in the stronghold of security -Slayer dungeons -Sand crabs -Rock crabs -Dragons -Giants -Goblins -Ghouls -Dagganoths -Chaos Druids
      -And hundreds more different monsters! (Anything you can think of).   Can use all types of food Supports all weapons and special attacks (Full list of spec weapons here: https://pastebin.com/raw/bf56k5Bg) Customisable looting by Item Name, Item ID, or items worth more than x price (Automatic price lookup). Re-equips ammo that you loot ABC2 antiban with a 10/10 rating Can bury bones Load & save GUI settings Profit calculations and xp tracking Customisable mouse speeds Easy to use banking system that works at every bank in RS Can drink every potion in the game Progressive training (Upgrade gear, switch training spots & more) Full worldhopping system that can worldhop when many different conditions are met Full prayer support Superior antiban Slayer task support Safe spotting support Telekinetic grab support Supports all teleport items and spells Guthans healing Dwarf multicannon support Bones to peaches support Automatically uses the Looting bag and Herb sack Automatically resets Rock crabs and Sand crabs aggro (Including 10k island). Keeps a safe distance while using ranged/magic on Brutal dragons Herb cleaning and dropping   AND MORE!   AIO Magic Features: (Premium only) This script can reliably and safely train magic using the following methods:   Every single combat spell available, from air strike to ice barrage; It's all supported Every single curse spell available Stun/combo alching!
      This is the best magic xp in the game, you cast a regular combat spell or curse, quickly followed by a high level alchemy spell.
      This can earn you up to 180k magic xp/hour! Splashing! All alchemy spells All enchantment spells Superheat item All teleport spells The script can also train with the following lunar spells! Humidify Plank make Superglass make Tan leather Spin Flax String Jewellery and More!   To activate the script on the repository, please use the following links:
        https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3097-optimus-combat-magic/ - Lite Version

      https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/651-optimus-combat-magic/ - Premium Version
      Note: There is a 10 hour FREE TRIAL for anybody who wants to try out the PREMIUM VERSION of the script on the repository   Gallery:    

    • By saulszinc
      Discord server: https://discord.gg/ybURa9S    - Use Code Tribot for 10% off your first order
      I do not use Skype.
      Feel free to send requests for anything you don't see listed & I shall get back to you with a quote for the said service
    • By Konchamp
      Welcome to my services. I will provide a very generous time for all of the services listed below, possibly one of the fastest here.
      Quests offered
      DT (+ prequests)
      Monkey Madness (+pre quests)
      Horror from the Deep
      RFD up to mith gloves (or higher if requested)
      Bronze - Dragon : 9m
      For other defenders, we will discuss.
      Power leveling
      60 Attack / 60 Strength on fresh account = 25m (includes MM)
      1-53 thieving = 6m
      If you are interested in any of the questing, please let me know which ones and what your def/prayer is so I can give you a reasonable quota. 
      MY ONLY SKYPE: [email protected]
  • Our picks

    • Come give us feedback on the next version of TRiBot!
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      • 28 replies
    • TRiBot is looking to improve a lot of its customer relationship management, customer on boarding process, customer experience, design elements, community engagement and pretty much everything else you can imagine when it comes to marketing.

      Our goal: To ensure that the marketing done TRULY reflects the experience and does not shine an inaccurate light on what TRiBot is lacking in.

      So I ask, what do you love about TRiBot and what do you hate about TRiBot? What does O S Bot, Rune M8, PowR Bot and Dre amBot do better? (yes I purposely didn't spell it right 😂).


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      • 19 replies
    • Over the last three weeks, I've been working on upgrading our server infrastructure. It's finally ready and is now live!


      Increased reliability - less server errors

      Increased availability - less downtime

      Increased security - keeping us and you secure

      Increased capacity - ability to serve you better

      Increased speed - less waiting for things to load

      Faster development - server and service updates will come faster

      What are the changes?

      Move from a single AWS EC2 instance to AWS ECS (Elastic Container Service)

      Distributed computing

      Load balancing

      Git management of server files and filesystem

      Redis caching


      AWS ECS (with 10 EC2 instances)

      AWS ElastiCache (Redis)

      AWS Load Balancing

      AWS EFS (Elastic file system)

      Please bare with us as I continue to tune the server for maximum performance. Slow loading speeds may occur temporarily. I thank everyone for their patience.

      Please post on this thread if you experience any issues other than slow loading times.
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    • This release will:

      Fix prayers and world hopper API (Thanks @JoeDezzy1 and @erickho123)

      Improve banking API (Thanks @Encoded)

      Adds methods for returning and using Java Lists, rather than arrays

      Slightly randomizes some hardcoded behaviour

      Removes sleeps from waitConditions; the efficiency saving potential is negligible in these use-cases, therefore cleaner code is preferable

      Other back-end improvements

      Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot.
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    • This release will:

      Add new internal framework for capturing exceptions

      Fix issue with not selecting the last column in world hopper (Thanks @Todd)

      Add a message about pin usage in Banking#openBank (Thanks @Todd)

      Disable the firewall by default (Thanks @Todd)

      Fix handling of the welcome screen after login (Thanks @Encoded)

      Fix wrong amount bank withdrawal (Thanks @Encoded)

      Fix Screen#isInViewport

      Fix Game#isInViewport (Thanks @Encoded)

      Call onBreakEnd for ListenerManager Breaking Listeners (Thanks @Encoded)

      Fix Prayer#getPrayerPoints NumberFormatException (Thanks @JoeDezzy1)

      Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot.
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