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Proper Banking - add randomization and real success checks.

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Every script I've seen (including the best scripts out there) withdraw from the bank in the same order every time.  My personal farm running script has pretty simple, yet effective randomization.  The variable "withdrawOrder" determines the order that you withdraw items. coinWithdraw, runesWithdraw, and pineappleWithdraw are integers that determine how many of each thing you'll take out.  When a human is banking, they won't always type the same number in. They'll normally withdraw all of something, spam a number that's greater than how many they need (like "333" if you needed 310 of something) or type some even thousand/hundred number ("like 200" if you needed 115).  I put some possible values in an integer array, then shuffle the possibilities.  Note that I use coinWithdraw[0], runesWithdraw[1], and pineappleWithdraw[2] ...  This makes sure you don't get the same combinations of numbers continuously popping up.  With 6 possible withdraw orders, 6 coinWithdraw numbers, 6 runesWithdraw numbers, and 4 pineappleWithdraw numbers, there are 864 possible banking combinations.  Much harder to have machine learning spot this type of withdraw method. My theory is that when you are reported for botting, they run machine learning algorithms on your account that have been built to detect bots.  I can't imagine a person is sitting there going through your play history.

That being said, I'm a PhD student studying Dynamical Systems and have taken classes on machine learning. Humans aren't always going to be completely random, and a machine would be able to detect bots just as easily if they are "too random".  That's why I withdraw the runes together and the spade/rake together. They're next to each other in my bank and it wouldn't make sense to withdraw some runes, scroll to somewhere else in my bank, withdraw something else, then scroll back.  I thought about always withdrawing my coins first since they're at the top of my bank, but sometimes I forget that I need coins to pay to have the trees chopped down.  I decided to randomize it as well, that's a personal choice though.  If you wanted to get really snazzy (which I plan on doing...) you could have your bot initially "forget" an item, start to run away from the bank, then run back and grab it.

I'm going to create a "proper banking" function that takes a list of everything you want to withdraw, randomizes it, "forgets" items, withdraws all by accident then puts stuff back, etc etc...  Maybe they'll include it in Tribot's Banking functions one day.  I don't want to publish it open source cuz I don't want Jagex moderators to be able to see the code and reverse engineer detection.  This is simple to do though and I think people should be including it in their scripts.  In theory, if the bots are human-like enough, Jagex won't be able to ban anyone even if they're reported for not responding to people.  

Also useful in here is how to withdraw teleport items...  digsitePendantCharge is a variable that allows us to check for any different charge. It easily allows freedom from having to use fully charged items (something a lot of scripts do...).  This is my own personal script so I just have it go in order from full charge to least. You could add randomization here if it was a script you are wanting to publish.  

Common c = new Common();
private boolean shouldRun=true;
private int[] withdrawOrder={0,1,2,3,4,5};
private int[] coinWithdraw={9999, 10000, 5000, 5555, 2000, 1400};
private int[] runesWithdraw={10, 100, 200, 111, 333, 50};
private int[] pineappleWithdraw={40, 50, 44, 100, 40, 50};
private int digsitePendantCharge=0;


public void bankWithdraw(){
    shouldRun = c.openBankAndDepositAll(shouldRun);

    for(int i=0; i<6; i++) {
        switch (withdrawOrder[i]) {
            case 1:
                shouldRun = c.withdrawItem(coinWithdraw[0], "Coins", shouldRun);
            case 2:
                shouldRun = c.withdrawItem(3, "Mahogany sapling", shouldRun);
                shouldRun = c.withdrawItem(4, "Papaya sapling", shouldRun);
            case 3:
                    for (int j = 8; j > 0; j--) {
                        if (c.withdrawItem(1, "Digsite pendant (" + j + ")", shouldRun))
            case 4:
                shouldRun = c.withdrawItem(pineappleWithdraw[2], "Pineapple", shouldRun);
            case 5:
                shouldRun = c.withdrawItem(runesWithdraw[1], "Law rune", shouldRun);
                shouldRun = c.withdrawItem(runesWithdraw[1], "Astral rune", shouldRun);
                shouldRun = c.withdrawItem(runesWithdraw[1], "Water rune", shouldRun);
            case 6:
                shouldRun = c.withdrawItem(1, "Spade", shouldRun);
                shouldRun = c.withdrawItem(1, "Rake", shouldRun);
                println("Broken switch?");
public void addRandomness(){
    for(int i=0; i < 15; i++){
        int temp = coinWithdraw[0];
        int mix = General.random(1,5);
        coinWithdraw[0] = coinWithdraw[mix];
        coinWithdraw[mix] = temp;
        temp = runesWithdraw[0];
        runesWithdraw[0] = runesWithdraw[mix];
        runesWithdraw[mix] = temp;
        temp = runesWithdraw[0];
        pineappleWithdraw[0] = runesWithdraw[mix];
        pineappleWithdraw[mix] = temp;
        temp = withdrawOrder[0];
        withdrawOrder[0] = withdrawOrder[mix];

My c.withdrawItem function adds a bit of randomness to the timing and checks if the item was actually withdrawn. Tribot's built in return for withdraw/depositing items doesn't check if your inventory/bank are full, it only checks if you were able to click "Withdraw/Deposit item"...  If you don't check yourself,  you can get stuck in an infinite loop withdrawing/depositing to a full bank/inven.  I have it loop five times because sometimes when the world is laggy, you can fail to click withdraw multiple times in a row. This makes it so my script won't move on until it withdraws the item.  

public boolean withdrawItem(int withdrawCount, String withdrawItem, boolean shouldRun){
    if(!shouldRun){return false;}

    int startInvent = Inventory.getCount(withdrawItem);
    int loopCount=0;
            General.println("Failed to withdraw "+withdrawItem+", ending script");
            return false;
        Banking.withdraw(withdrawCount, withdrawItem);
        Timing.waitCondition(() ->{
            return Inventory.getCount(withdrawItem)>startInvent;
        }, 1000);
    General.println("Successfully withdrew: "+withdrawItem);
    return true;

Let me know if there are any questions, happy botting :D

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