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Does Looking Glass Matter? Bot to Main

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Hi Tri Bot Community.

I would like to start a journal for 2 accounts, both started yesterday. Both accounts have been aged for a month playing dmm and made on my work IP.


One is going to use looking glass, the other a residential proxy with no looking glass.


I will update my status weekly- to keep it vague and give Lurking spys a hard time figuring out what my account is doing at the given time. I will also update the thread with quests done after a certain amount of time has gone by after I have finished the quests. Wish me luck, lets see how far I can take these accounts :)

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I knew that someone was going to bring this up. The purpose of this test is not whether to see if LG is useful or useless but rather a fun experiment for me. In this test I'm running 2 accounts at a similar pace doing the same thing but in varying order but keep all other variables the same besides the fact of using LG or Not. It's not a perfect example as the proxy could trigger one account to get banned faster, but this is just a step towards identifying ONE of the many different detection schemes. I already have an idea from years of botting and TriLiez post a while back about them stratifying players into different groups to narrow down their sample size of bots. I'm also going to explore individually what variables contribute to the macro detection triggering. 


If the accounts last long, I will share my methodology and what I have done in a compilation post. I think what @cyberwizard posted is great but I disagree that runtime has no correlation with being banned. While I also believe that certain methods can be botted for longer periods of time without being flagged. This is all for educational and entertaining purposes in the end, and I plan to make it one of the most updated progress thread on Tribot.

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On 9/2/2019 at 11:10 PM, cheeko said:

@strfreak I have concluded that the vanilla tribot client is just as safe as looking glass. (Although those who wish to be extra safe and can spare the resources on your computer there’s no hurt in using it, but there are a lot of features in scripts where LG may mess up for the time being)

yeah i second this. I used to be a die-hard LG supporter, but realisticly i havn't experienced big differences. in bans except on fresh accounts.

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