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Weird bot behavior and bugs

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I am trying to write a script and I am seeing weird client-sided bugs. Here is an example of code I am running

RSItem[] item = Inventory.find("Item");
if(item.length > 1){



In-game, I will have 1 of the item in my inventory and doSomethingElse() is invoked. 

So essentially there must be an error with getting the length of inventory items because doSomethingElse() should only be called if there are less than 1 rings in the inventory aka 0, which is wrong because there is 1 and thus neither doSomething() or doSomethingElse() should be called. 

I am also just generally noticing weird behavior and clicks. For some reason the bot hovered very quickly over each individual item in my inventory after it closed the bank and I definitely have no code in my script to do that. It's just so weird. 


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You specified that 'if item length is more than 1' do something (so a minimum value of 2), otherwise do something else.

'doSomethingElse()' is called because the value was less than 2.

You can get your desired behavior by using 'else if' or '=='.

I recommend using the Tribot method "println()" if you suspect something is off.

Eg. println(item.length), then you see the value in Tribots client debug under the client as you run the script.

As for the weird behavior and clicks I believe it's the Tribots antiban thats implemented in every script by default, the only way I know to disable this is to use this code on start.

public void run() {
  //This code to disable the antiban.
  for(Thread thread:Thread.getAllStackTraces().keySet()){
  //Your loop 
  while(true) {

Hope this helps.

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What your looking for is 

if(item.length >= 1){

To check if it's over or equal to 1.

As for the weird behavior, the AI antiban doesn't hover over all the items in your inventory, so you should probably double check what's going on in your code, not sure what your doing so it's hard for me to suggest what may be happening but if your interacting with items in your inventory it's probably you causing the weird behavior.

A great tip is to print out whatever your having issues with, like if your having problems dealing with length checks, print the length before the check, with that you know if you did something wrong or not when checking the length.

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if (item.length > 1) {
} else {



7 hours ago, peanuts1079 said:

doSomethingElse() should only be called if there are less than 1 rings in the inventory

In the above code, the if block is executed if there are 2 or more items in the inventory. In any other case, the else block is executed.

Since you can't have a negative amount of items in the inventory, "any other case" means having 0 or 1 items in the inventory. Any of those values will result in the else block being executed.


As far as I can tell, you are trying to make a decision based on the availability of a certain item. If so, you could either do what @Zully suggested and evaluate the expression

item length >= 1

, or check if there are more than 0 items available:

item length > 0


They both translate to: "if there is any item in the inventory, then...".


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