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Gods Runecrafter [Resize, LG Support] [ABC2, ABCL10] [Progression][Restocking][Up to 1M/hr+]

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Gods Runecrafter



ORrAjcn.png n7WNhXt.png mAWMWHw.png

Welcome to Gods Runecrafter, this Runecrafting script will be mainly focused on Abyss and almost all runes available to it. At the moment there are some runes that are not supported but those will become supported soon. I might consider adding Zeah Bloods/Souls to the script but that will be after initial release.


  • Supports the following Rifts
    • Nature rune
    • Chaos rune
    • Cosmic rune
    • Fire rune
    • Earth rune
    • More to be added in the future.
  • Auto leveling progression (Level 9-99 RC in one click)
    • There are various progression routes available and some require quests to craft the rune (Lost City for Cosmics). You can start using this script at level 9 RC which is the level you get from unlocking the Abyss from the mini-quest "Enter the Abyss"
  • Mining/Agility or Woodcutting/Agility obstacle support
    • These are the only two obstacle support at the moment and I highly recommend using Mining/Agility because due to the nature of Abyss, you have a significantly higher chance of spawning next to a Rock Obstacle or Gap Obstacle. If you choose woodcutting, you may not spawn near a obstacle and will have to search for one which will cost time, money and exp!
  • Stamina potion support
  • Automatic Pouch Repair
  • Anti-Pk
    • Pkers are detected their pk related equipment and not based on skulls. This means it will recognize any pkers lurking around the Zamorak Mage instead of only recognizing a skulled player.
  • Bring a piece of food with you for extra safety while attempting obstacles! Or a stamina if you want to never walk!
  • Emergency Teleporting if you ever hit below the hitpoints percentage you set.
  • Multiple Banking Options
    • Edgeville banking 
      • Features options for pre-turning camera to bank so that you can click it in one motion instead of needing to run to bank using the map just like a real player would do.
    • Clan Wars banking
      • This banking option will ALWAYS use the portal so you can cut costs on Stamina potions (Never walk!) and food. You also will never be skulled which will provide less incentive for pkers to attack you.
  • Multiple Travel Options
    • Glory Amulet teleportation
    • Mounted Glory teleportation (Inside POH)
  • This script will end when you run out of supplies and it will tell you in the Client Debug what items you are missing unless you have restocking mode enabled.
  • Restocker 
    • This restocker will decant all potions, sell all used glories and runes that have been crafted, then it will purchase X amount of hours worth of supplies for the run time! All you gotta do is select how many hours to restock for and enter your desired food name. Once it restocks, it will just continue runecrafting.
  • Pouch Retrieval Tool
    • This tool will get all four pouches for you without you needing to touch the bot! You must follow the instructions in the GUI. This option is under "Other Settings" In "Misc"
    • This runs separate from the main script, it will end the script when you get all four pouches.
  • Muling
    • Coming soon™
  • A plethora of customization options with potentially more added in the future (Suggestions taken into consideration)
  • Saving/Loading settings as well as loading the previously saved settings.


Planned Features:

  • Implementation of death walk
    • With pouch grabbing attempts
    • Or switching the script to pouch retrieval mode where it will gear up using the best melee equipment available in bank and get all four pouches again
  • Muling
    • This will be enabled and coming soon™
  • Implementation of more rifts
    • Astral
    • Law
    • Death
    • Air/Water/Body Rifts may not be added as they as not useful in gaining experience or GP.

Possible Features:

  • Zeah Runecrafting
  • Balloon transportation Law runes
  • "Enter The Abyss" Mini-quest along with "Rune Mysteries" quest

How to run the script:

Currently, the script will end on death. However deaths seem to be quite rare since anti-pk avoids majority of pk attempts and hops worlds. You're only chance at dying is if you are in Abyss and your internet disconnects or you are low stats and happened to get combo'd out by the Abyssal monsters before you can eat or teleport out safely.

  • You should change your "Mouse Speed Variance Limiter" setting in your TRiBot client to 0 if it is not at 0. This will ensure the mouse speed will not be restricted as it increases when trying to escape a pker
    • You can find this settings on the TRiBot client by clicking File -> Settings.
  • You should start the script at your selected bank for no chance of errors on start.
  • You should start the script wielding the Pickaxe or Axe you are planning on using to pass the Obstacles.
  • You must have all four pouches or all pouches you can use up to your current runecrafting level 
    • If you do not have them, simply use the easy to use pouch retrieval tool which is built right into the script!
  • You should manually hide attack options on players so you don't accidentally attack NPCs or Players while trying to quickly navigate.
  • Turn Auto-Retaliate off (The script will do this for you however)
  • If you need to grab the ID for your food, all you gotta do is simply click "View" on the TRiBot client then click "Inventory" and make sure you have the food you want to use in your Inventory, a number will appear above the item then once you write it down, you can turn it off again.
  • Fill out the GUI and let it run!

Running the pouch retrieval tool:

  • You must use Sharks as food and have them in the bank
  • You must start it wearing your gear/weapon you'd like to use.
    • For example, Full rune armor + Dragon scimitar
  • You must start the script with any pouches you currently have in your inventory
  • Recommended that you start the script with a fully charged glory.
  • This will kill Abyssal Leeches in the North-West portion of the Abyss to get the pouches.

Skill recommendations:

  • 9+ RC (However crafting fire runes through abyss is slower than using duel arena method)
  • 40+ Defense
  • 40+ Agility/Mining or Agility/Woodcutting
  • 40+ Hitpoints

Profitability of this script:

These are subject to change due to rune price changes

27 Runecrafting using two pouches - 150-180k/hr crafting Cosmic runes

44 Runecrafting using two pouches - 200-250k/hr crafting Nature runes

50 Runecrafting using three pouches - 290-360k/hr crafting Nature runes

50 Runecrafting using three pouches - 200-250k/hr crafting Cosmic runes

59 Runecrafting using three pouches - 480-550k/hr crafting Double Cosmic runes

75 Runecrafting using four pouches - 400-500k/hr crafting Nature runes

75 Runecrafting using four pouches - 550-700k/hr crafting Double Cosmic runes

91+ Runecrafting using four pouches - 1M+/hr crafting Double Nature runes


Progress reports:






n7WNhXt.png FZvmyZS.png YfpvSKo.png mAWMWHw.png



Known issues: 

  • None at this time


Bug report format (Please use this when reporting a bug, it will make it much easier to determine the cause of the issue)


If you'd prefer more privacy, you can PM me on TRiBot forums or message me on discord godspower33#8539

Description of bug:

LG (Yes/No):

Resize (Yes/no):

Pictures of gear equipped:

Pictures of inventory:

Pictures of screen and/or status:

GUI settings (you can just list these or leave blank and I will ask about your settings when I contact you)



1 Auth | 3.50 credits for two weeks

1 Auth | 6 credits for one month

2 Auth | 11 credits for one month

5 Auth | 25 credits for one month

10 Auth | 45 credits for one month

15 Auth | 60 credits for one month

25 Auth | 90 credits for one month

Purchase it here


Edited by godspower33
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After hours of trying to get this to work i finally got it, so here are my suggestions allow players to tick which pouches to use. for example im level 49 rc so having 2 extra spaces in my inv throws the bot off. looks really botty, Also allow for a full heal using an ornate pool in the house please (must be 1 of the 4 rooms of portal)


Bugs i have experianced:

Required me to use food, otherwise would result in a crash

Required to have glorys even though using house, would accationaly use a charge

Required to have staminas even though box remained unchecked

If starting with a full inventory and using house tabs the bot just opens bank clicks a tab closes and repeats.


Edited by Demonic0sniper
updating bugs

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9 hours ago, ramen69 said:

after filling my pouches at the bank, it just stops the script and never even starts the first run. come on man, this is a premium script.


i'm 47 rc and only using 2 pouches btw, but this shouldn't be a problem?

Can you fill out bug report so I can know what is going on, it is most likely a GUI or user error, the script is fully functional, I'm currently running it myself.

Or message me on discord

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2 hours ago, CyberWizard said:

I'd buy this if you added Body Rune support with support for runners. F2p you can get 50k+ runecraftin xp/hour on an account by having body rune essence runners

I'll add it to the possible updates but at  the time of release this was intended to be mostly abyss rc. I think @Encoded is releasing a runecrafter that might support that.

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2 hours ago, IDontActuallyLift said:

Any idea on when the death walking mechanic can be added? The free trial ran fine but whenever I get pked the script breaks




Getting pked quite a bit, cant run the script during peak hours

Hey, can you message me on discord or PM. I wanna find out exactly how you're getting PKed if you happen to know or what not so I can improve the anti-pk but the death walk will be added within the week

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1 hour ago, turkoize said:



gets stuck on this, really disappointing 

There was multiple runescape updates and tribot updates today and last night. The client is currently experiencing issues, also after every update (tribot or runescape) You need to delete hooks.dat and restart client 2x before attempting to run any script

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      Slightly randomizes some hardcoded behaviour

      Removes sleeps from waitConditions; the efficiency saving potential is negligible in these use-cases, therefore cleaner code is preferable

      Other back-end improvements

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      Upcoming updates:

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      Upcoming updates:

      Improved CLI support

      Much more

      Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot
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      Fix tab opening for "Skills" and "Kourend Tasks" (Thanks @erickho123)

      Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot
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