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Runescapegoldmarkt scammed me 120M @SAM SUPPORT

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I went to sell him 120m, I asked if it would be 1 trade and he simply told me 35m trade, so I gave him 2 trades of 35m and another of 50 and now he said I'm going to get only 35m. This is a blow because I sold 120m and should not receive for 35m. Disqualified support for your site ... In case I do not receive my 120m (98.4 $) I will report the site.
Customer support
You — Please update your info
osrs rate?
Chat started
  joined the chat
 RS 3 =
BTC : 0.12$/M
Paypal : 0.12$/M
Skrill : 0.10€/M
SEPA Bank : 0.105€/M
RS 07 =
BTC : 0.82$/M
Paypal : 0.82$/M
Skrill : 0.71€/M
SEPA Bank : 0.722€/M
1. WE BUY WHAT WE NEED! Sometimes we ask sellers to trade with customers directly!
2. Paypal, BTC, Skrill is not instant! You can expect payment between 5 mins and 8 hours
3. Paypal payments sent via goods and services! Your acceptance fee will be max of 4%
4. For BTC we use Blockchain rates and wallet to send!
You — Please update your info
i want sell 120m
 READ! :
You — Please update your info
3 mins
you take on coins
or tokens?
 no only gold
You — Please update your info
w 498
I will be telling you a RSN. Please trade that RSN but DO NOT accept untill i say so. Do not accept any trade without confirming with me please.
*We will buy your gold in parts ONLY, not all at once*
RSN: Removed.
Don't accept trade without confirming in *LIVE CHAT* here.
You — Please update your info
1 trade?
You — Please update your info
35m u?
35m u?
You — Please update your info
 Yes, accept please!
You — Please update your info
35m u?
 just one trade
You — Please update your info
50m u?
You — Please update your info
 total i bought 35m
You — Please update your info
 dont send hime more
You — Please update your info
you bought 120m
you bought 120m
You — Please update your info
i payed 120m
why you loggout?
 but i said only 35m
You — Please update your info
you said 35m per trade
You — Please update your info
im recording
 check my message again
You — Please update your info
give me back money
 only 35m
You — Please update your info
no bro
you payed 120m
 but why
You — Please update your info
I gave you 120m, you pay me 120 or you give me back
 Please contact the owner for ...........
You — Please update your info
you sacmmer?
give my money
 its you mistake not my mistake
You — Please update your info
 payment address
You — Please update your info
you dont go pay me?
you go lose your site for 120m?
i sold every month here
 he's a customer
you sent him 120m :/
he left the chat
his order was 35m only
You — Please update your info
is 120m
nobody left the chat, do not come scammer
I gave you 2 trades of 35 and one of 50, you told me to accept
 your email address please
You — Please update your info
give me back my cash
 owner will contact you later
You — Please update your info
 and payment address
You — Please update your info
bro give my cash back
 he will send your payment
You — Please update your info
Why do not you send it?
I'm going to do a sythe report in addition.
 bro dont worry
owner will contact you
You — Please update your info
What will he contact me for? I want my money
98.4 $
You — Please update your info
 paymwnt will send within 5 mints to 6 hours max
Thanks for your order!
Use "get2" as a coupon on your next order.
May i ask how did u find out about our site?
(can click an option below)
Advertising other bots isn't allowed.
You — Please update your info
Send me proof
You — Please update your info
 its your payment address
You — Please update your info
 i know
ok sir bubye
take care
You — Please update your info
You — Please update your info
You still did not send anything, send me the link from your wallet.
 owner will send payments thats why i have no idea about it
he's offline atm
You — Please update your info
Will you send the 98.4?
 but dont worry your payment will send within 6 hours max
You — Please update your info
the owner send the 98.4?
 no idea
You — Please update your info
  left the chat
You — Please update your info
bro i give to you 120m
  joined the chat
You — Please update your info
email to report
hello scammer
 do you need you money or not?
You — Please update your info
why you dont give me back my osrsgp?
 so just shut your mouth
You — Please update your info
nice support
Type your message here


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As you can see we told him to trade 35M only.

1. It's written in our trading command that we can ask you to trade our customers directly.

2. We asked him to trade 35M to our customer (just once), which we confirmed so he can accept.

3. He waited for confirmation on the first 35M before he accepts yet somehow doesn't wait for the other 35M and then 50M trade (50M wasn't even mentioned anywhere?).

4. This has been closed on 2 other sites as it's clearly a mistake from his side. Which i compensated 35M for. Technically we told him to sell 35M. According to him he gave 120M. I paid him 70M in total.

5. Could the rsname of my customer be removed from his chat plz?

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