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What improvements would you like to see to the Break Handler?


A few of you brought to attention the break handler in What's the thing you'd like to see the most? I would like to gather more feedback in regards to break handler improvements.
Please answer the following questions with as much detail as possible. If you feel like you can't express what you want to describe in words then consider drawing it and uploading a picture.

1. What do you like about the current break handler?

2. What do you dislike about the current break handler?

3. What specific improvements would you like to see be implemented into the break handler?

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13 answers to this question

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5 hours ago, Enano25 said:

The ability to stop the script based on reaching a certain level or a certain amount of hours played also stop the script.

The certain amount of hours played can be sort of accomplished with the script queue. With the script queue you can cap the total runtime of a script, which should accomplish at least part of that.

While I don't have any real issues with the break handler, here's some things I've seen around the forums that may not have been mentioned here:

  • Easier repetition of entire profiles
  • Some form of a simple built in walkthrough on how to create a break profile. People find the current handler confusing, and often threads with questions about it. It'd be cool to curb that a bit
  • An option to allow breaks to occur relative to each other instead of simply relative to the script runtime.

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1. I like that it allows users to have multiple break patterns at once. We can have one repeated break pattern going, and a single-time break going at the same time.

2a. I don't like the fact it's been bug ridden for several months. Every time a break fires, there's a chance it gets stuck unable to login after break ends. The latest iteration of this bug ignores Script Queue, so there's no way for users to work around this. Today, every account needs constant manual monitoring - it's awful. The other alternative is not using breaks at all, which has it's own downsides.

2c. Could be script related, but some scripts continue performing actions while on break. That's reflected in Debug logs, and mouse sometimes moves on screen while account is offline. This happens with Tri Combat Aio, and sometimes with other other scripts.

3. Fixing bot breaking bugs is TOP priority.

A great addition would be a way to start breaks depending on time of the day. I.e. "12:00CET +-1h fire 10min break". The time can be taken from local PC clock.

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2 hours ago, gef30 said:

Meh delay this. scripters can just add their own custom break handlers, for anti ban and more flexibility. in my opinion the breakhandler is completely redundant!

??? Yeah let’s make 20 different break handlers instead of one for the client.. genius plan.

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1. I love how we can add in manual breaks.

2. I'm unsure if we can do this or not but I don't like how we can't have the break handler log our accounts out at a certain amount of hours played and then log in select other accounts in for another certain amount of hours.

3. Implement question #2 here. I think it would so convenient if we could do that and not have to worry about anything. I am aware that we can use TeamViewer but it still would be very convenient.

Thank you for posting this and asking for our input! ❤️

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The way the breaks are added could be improved so the breaks won't be able to overlap if the user chooses such option. In this example the second break would not fire because it overlaps with the first break.

It would be great if the counter would reset after each break. In this example 8 minutes after the first break would start a 5 minute long second break.

I hope you get it what I want to say. :D



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I think the system should be reworked entirely. Maybe retaining it as an alternative to the new break handler. I just feel like it could be done a lot smarter than it currently is. Maybe your profile should be assigned an ABC-Breaking value, that determines exactly how your profile breaks, then maybe a slider to select modifier, as in how much you want to break, 1  being very generous breaks, and 5 being no breaks at all. 

So there'd be 5 default breaking profiles to choose from, which act as modifiers to your ABC-Breaking value. The ABC-Breaking value would just contain various randomized settings for how your bot breaks, like does it favour small breaks or big breaks, does it break a lot or a little? Quantity vs quality kind of stuff. Then maybe the user could input how long they plan to bot for, and the break handler would just tailor breaking to that variable.  




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15 hours ago, HeyImJamie said:

??? Yeah let’s make 20 different break handlers instead of one for the client.. genius plan.

Yeah it actually is, lets look at it from an antiban perspective, you as as a scripter should know that you can generate profiles based on certain factors that users can choose or auto generate. Lets say you want to incorporate break profiles which perfectly fit the profile of a specific user, that is currently only possible with custom break handlers. Since the break handler doesn't do this, it will just break whenever the timer hits, ignoring whatever is happening at that time.

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