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LAN Bot Panel - Support Thread

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LAN Bot Panel - Support Thread

LAN Bot Panel allows you to monitor your bots remotely through the browser. Running a script that is LAN Bot Panel compatible will automatically keep track of your runescape account. The bot panel is a opt-in feature, every script that is supported will have a setting in the GUI to (re)set your password and view your username. Please note that this is a global setting and disabling or enabling the panel for one script will also do the same for every other. This thread serves as a support thread, helping users with the bot panel itself and keeping track of new features. This is not a thread for general discussion, if you have issues with the script itself, please contact the author of the script in question.


Current features:

  • View position on worldmap.
  • View current chat messages.
  • View current equipment.
  • View current inventory.
  • View current hitpoints, prayer points and run energy.
  • View list of latest activities / skillups.
  • View current break status and time till next break.
  • Request a screenshot of the game, with or without paint.
  • Stop the script and logout remotely.

Upcoming features:

  • Detailed statistics
  • Website & email notifications
  • Android app (iOS later)

Current scripts that support LAN Bot Panel:


LAN Bot Panel is currently in BETA status. Meaning that new features are still being developed and that bugs may be present. Please post on this thread or contact me on Discord (Laniax#2980) if you find any issues.


The bot panel is currently set to REALTIME for all features. This means that if your bots walk a tile or receive a chat message, it will instantly appear on the bot panel! However, I am monitoring this behaviour and will keep track of what my server can handle. As such, it is possible that some or all features will regress to a less frequent update interval.








How do i use LAN Bot Panel?


For first time use, you should start the script and look for a 'LAN Bot Panel' setting in the GUI. Here you will see a checkbox to enable the bot panel, your tribot username, and you will be able to pick your own password. After you click on save you can login with the credentials you have just set at https://lanbotpanel.com. If you have done this once, you won't have to do it again for any script that support LAN Bot Panel!

I lost my password or want to change it, how do i do this?


Simply set a new password through the script's GUI, just like the first time you set a password. It will overwrite your current password.

Is this safe to use?


It is. All communication is encrypted and transferred over secure protocols (HTTPS/WSS). Additionally, only a bare minimum amount of data is persisted for your bots, most of the data that you see is direct communication between the script and the browser, without being saved by the server. In no circumstances is any critical information (such as passwords) retrieved or transferred.

How much does this cost?


Nothing! It's free! Although the script that has this built-in may cost money.

I am a scripter, can i add this to my own script?


You can add support for this bot panel to your own scripts. You will have to purchase a API key and add a few lines of code to your script. Please contact me on Discord (Laniax#2980) for details.

Does this work with private or local scripts?


Yes, if the script has support for LAN Bot Panel it doesn't matter if it's a premium, free, private or local script.


If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask. I'd like to reiterate that this thread is for support and not general discussion.

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25 minutes ago, deckerzz said:

Very cool, it would be nice to be able to use it to chat in acocunt. I.e if you look at one and see a message you can respond make it look like its not a bot


That is planned yes, there are a ton of things I can and want to do with this, today is just the day I got it in a releasable state :)

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