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Script Review: Encoded Auto Woodcutter

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Script Review - Encoded Auto Woodcutter
Encoded’s Auto Woodcutter is one of the most popular free Oldschool Runescape Woodcutting scripts at TRiBot. Created by Encoded, a TRiBot developer, and scripter since 2013, you know you’ll be getting a quality product!

Real Results

For suicide botting - a 48 hour runtime:

48 Hour Progress Report

48 Hour Progress Report



For high levels - 99 Woodcut Achieved:

99 Woodcutting using Encoded Woodcutter

99 Woodcutting from Encoded Woodcutter



Getting Encoded Auto Woodcutter

Encoded Auto Woodcutter is a free script for TRiBot. You’ll just need a VIP subscription to use it. Depending on the package you choose, that’s $6.50/mo - $8/mo. Once you have VIP, you can run unlimited instances, for an unlimited amount of time!

Bot: TRiBot 
Price: Free (with TRiBot VIP Subscription) 
Script Thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/20641-auto-woodcutter 
Repository Page: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/123-auto-woodcutter/

Using Encoded Auto Woodcuuter

1. Start Encoded Auto Woodcutter

On TRiBot click ‘Start Script’, select Woodcutting > Auto Woodcutter, and your account.

Start Encoded Woodcutter

Start Encoded Woodcutter

After starting the script and accepting all firewall requests, you’ll see this GUI appear:

Encoded Woodcutter GUI - Preset

Encoded Woodcutter GUI

2. Set your Tree & Drop Preferences

Presets Locations

Start by selecting your target tree type, location, and dropping style in the ‘Preset’ tab.

If your desired tree and location aren’t available as a preset, you can use the ‘Custom’ tab to easily set them up.

Custom Location

Start by selecting the ‘Custom’ tab, and your tree & drop method of choice. Then simply right click your target trees on Runescape to select them.

Right Click to Select Trees

Right Click to Select Trees

3. Additional Settings

The last ‘Settings’ tab contains options for:

  • Antiban Options: Reaction Times / Timed Actions
  • Picking up nests
  • Shift Drop Pattern: Top to bottom or Left to right
  • Stopping at: Desired level or Time played

After that you can hit start, and hit back!

Thoughts & Rating

55 Stars

We found little to nothing to complain about regarding Encoded Woodcutter. Users have botted with it successfully for suicide farms and 99s alike.

It’s simple GUI, ability to chop at any location, and extra settings for drop and antiban makes for a well rounded script. Encoded is very active, and does a great job at handling any issues quickly. The fact that it’s free makes it all that much better!

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1 hour ago, Snowbear said:


Encoded's work is always quality. I've used the woodcutter personally many times, usually in order to get the 36WC requirement for NMZ quests on fresh accounts. 0 bans and 0 issues with the script thus far.


Thanks for sharing your experience.

1 hour ago, gef30 said:

Nice "review" i guess, but man, atleast use your own/recent proggies. This looks more like a biased ad than an honest review. (not saying the script isn't good).

I do run the scripts for a few cycles to make sure they are functioning properly.
The review also serves to demonstrate script usage, features, support, updates, etc.
While the results aren't mine, they are real examples of what can be achieved with the script.

Thanks for reading.

Edited by YoHoJo

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      Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot
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