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How long have your accounts survived lately

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So i have been doing some testing myself, trying out different scripts etc.

I have completed tutorial island without script and headed to botting.

My setup so far is using win7-Virtual machines, VPS on all of them and mostly 2-3 accounts per VM.


Accounts last for max day or two, for me it really didn't matter if i did it for 24/7 or with different brakes. Also tried leveling combat to 20-30, doing at least 7qp etc, even when using premium scripts, still banned in few days. Seems like even doing quests and some low combat / skill levels didn't make any difference.


This is where it gets interesting. So far i have tried only free and premium scripts. Some accounts get banned in hours, some have lasted or 3-4 days. Mostly banned in 1-2 days tho.  Haven't seen much of a difference if i went straight to botting WC, Combat etc or when i did quests and hand leveled something first.

I'm still trying to figure out why some accounts last for 3 days and some for only 1, when both created at almost the same time and doing the same thing.


How is it going for you guys right now? Any tips if anyone is willing to share?

Also i don't know much about private scripts, are they really worth it and are they really that "private"?

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accounts last different times because that's how the systems works. I would suggest to get private scripts that are good, they can cost some money though. Private scripts can from experience make your accounts last longer. It all about trail and error, no one will tell you how it works.

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I feel like I've hit a point where my account lasts at least 6 months. By only using quality scripts, by mixing it up, and by starting slow.  I play them as mains though, with no intention of making a lot of gold.

Like for the first month of the account, I botted maybe 2 hours a day, and quested legit, did slayer, etc. Also, stay away from money making methods/skills. Like doing regular smithing is probably super safe, assuming there's a quality script for it, but doing blast furnace and making 1m an hour puts you on their radar. 


So, bot slayer, bot skills for the shit of it. avoid stuff that makes too much money (Unless you're a gold farmer obviously), and just buy the gold you need. 

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