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Gods Revenants [Resize, LG Support] [ABC2, ABCL10] [200k-200M+/hr] [Dynamic Signatures]

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15 hours ago, Knapman420 said:

I want to buy this but running the trial it just takes out supplies and puts back in the bank and repeats

Hey, try checking if you're doing any of these, these are common issues when filling out the GUI that can cause bugs

1 - Must be 100000 not 100k or 100,000

2 - Must be  50 not 50%

3 - Manta rays are not supported as food

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7 minutes ago, BlankedIce said:

Hey! Awesome script but my respawn location is in edgeville and it gets stuck when i die. But its all good though since i watch the script while its running. Was just letting you know :)

Hi, thanks! Edgeville spawn is not supported, only Lumbridge is. You can change this for free at the Edgeville witch, and it should be free to change it back to Edgeville too later. 

On 8/16/2019 at 2:55 AM, brother22 said:

Great script bro but sometime if it dies it randomly runs north of lumbridge to the corner by cowpens then corrects itself runs back and continues the Debug just says running from pkers

Thanks, I have been told of this bug but it is a bit elusive, I can't replicate it myself. I'll watch myself die on various accounts and not see it happen. If you do happen to catch it doing it, can you print a stack trace while it is running to wherever it goes, I'll be able to pinpoint it better then and fix it.

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16 hours ago, brother22 said:

Sure no problem, 

It does other weird things, I have caught it in gnome stronghold before saying its recharging the blowpipe lol. 

It was most likely navigating to the bank to recharge the blowpipe and the walker determined the quickest route was through spirit trees

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Posted (edited)

[14:18:46] False alarm, no pkers
[14:19:21] False alarm, no pkers
[14:19:53] Current inv value: 0
[14:20:14] False alarm, no pkers
[14:21:53] We're under attack!! Let's tele out
[14:22:17] We DIED!! :(
[14:22:17] False alarm, no pkers
[14:23:41] Script Stack Trace:
[14:23:41]  java.lang.Thread.sleep(Native Method)
[14:23:41]  obf.Rd.TA(uc:137)
[14:23:41]  obf.mf.vb(wi:76)
[14:23:41]  org.tribot.api.General.sleep(nh:141)
[14:23:41]  org.tribot.api2007.Walking.walkPath(lo:524)
[14:23:41]  org.tribot.api2007.Walking.walkPath(lo:246)
[14:23:41]  scripts.GodsRevs.Revs.run(Revs.java:352)
[14:23:41]  java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

Running to Lumbridge cows


[14:20:26] [DaxWalker] Response: SUCCESS Cost: 36
[14:20:26] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3371,3160,0) -> (3371,3161,0)
[14:20:29] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3365,3161,0) -> (3365,3162,0)
[14:20:31] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3359,3161,0) -> (3358,3161,0)
[14:20:35] [Walker Engine] PATH_DEBUG[ END_OF_PATH ]
[14:20:35] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3355,3163,0) -> (3356,3163,0)
[14:20:36] [Walker Engine] Reached end of path
[14:20:47] [DaxWalker] Generating path: {"start":{"z":0,"x":3030,"y":3842},"end":{"z":0,"x":3128,"y":3831},"player":
[14:20:48] [DaxWalker] Response: SUCCESS Cost: 465
[14:20:48] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3039,3832,0) -> (3038,3832,0)
[14:20:51] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3042,3826,0) -> (3041,3827,0)
[14:20:52] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3050,3825,0) -> (3051,3825,0)
[14:20:52] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3054,3825,0) -> (3054,3824,0)
[14:20:55] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3060,3825,0) -> (3060,3826,0)
[14:20:56] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3062,3825,0) -> (3062,3826,0)
[14:20:56] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3063,3825,0) -> (3064,3825,0)
[14:20:58] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3069,3824,0) -> (3070,3823,0)
[14:20:58] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3071,3822,0) -> (3071,3823,0)
[14:21:00] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3078,3821,0) -> (3077,3821,0)
[14:21:02] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3084,3817,0) -> (3084,3816,0)
[14:21:03] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3086,3817,0) -> (3086,3816,0)
[14:21:04] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3091,3817,0) -> (3092,3818,0)
[14:21:06] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3097,3818,0) -> (3096,3818,0)
[14:21:08] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3103,3818,0) -> (3103,3819,0)
[14:21:09] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3104,3818,0) -> (3105,3818,0)
[14:21:11] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3110,3818,0) -> (3109,3817,0)
[14:21:11] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3112,3818,0) -> (3113,3819,0)
[14:21:12] [Walker Engine] PATH_DEBUG[ 3114, 3818, 0) -> OBJECT_BLOCKING -> (null [3115, 3818, 0] ) ]
[14:21:12] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3115,3818,0) -> (3116,3817,0)
[14:21:15] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3121,3824,0) -> (3120,3824,0)
[14:21:27] [DaxWalker] Generating path: {"star
[14:21:27] [DaxWalker] Response: SUCCESS Cost: 44
[14:21:27] [Walker Engine] PATH_DEBUG[ END_OF_PATH ]
[14:21:27] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3126,3833,0) -> (3126,3834,0)
[14:21:28] [Walker Engine] Reached end of path
[14:21:29] [DaxWalker] Generating path: {"start":{"z":0,"x":3122,"y":3826},"end":{"z":0,"x":3126,"y":3831},ey":385},{"value":1,"key":385},{"value":1,"key":385},{"value":1,"key":385},{"value":1,"key":385},{"value":1,"key":12629},{"value":1,"key":2444},{"value":1,"key":2562},{"value":1,"key":21175
[14:21:29] [DaxWalker] Response: SUCCESS Cost: 26
[14:21:30] [Walker Engine] PATH_DEBUG[ END_OF_PATH ]
[14:21:30] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3125,3830,0) -> (3126,3829,0)
[14:21:30] [Walker Engine] Reached end of path
[14:24:48] [DaxWalker] Generating path: {"start":{"z":0,"x":3206,"y":3308},"bank":"LUMBRIDGE_TOP","player"
[14:24:48] [DaxWalker] Response: SUCCESS Cost: 161
[14:24:48] [DaxWalker] Generating path: {"start":{"z":0,"x":3164,"y":3465},"bank":"LUMBRIDGE_TOP","player":
[14:24:49] [DaxWalker] Response: SUCCESS Cost: 366
[14:24:49] [DaxWalker] Generating path: {"start":{"z":0,"x":2995,"y":3376},"bank":"LUMBRIDGE_TOP","
[14:24:49] [DaxWalker] Response: SUCCESS Cost: 369
[14:24:49] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3189,3302,0) -> (3188,3302,0)
[14:24:51] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3188,3296,0) -> (3188,3295,0)
[14:24:54] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3187,3290,0) -> (3188,3290,0)
[14:24:57] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3183,3284,0) -> (3184,3283,0)
[14:24:59] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3183,3278,0) -> (3182,3278,0)
[14:25:01] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3182,3272,0) -> (3182,3273,0)
[14:25:03] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3183,3265,0) -> (3182,3265,0)
[14:25:05] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3187,3259,0) -> (3187,3260,0)
[14:25:08] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3190,3253,0) -> (3189,3252,0)
[14:25:09] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3191,3246,0) -> (3192,3245,0)
[14:25:11] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3194,3240,0) -> (3194,3241,0)
[14:25:12] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3194,3234,0) -> (3194,3233,0)
[14:25:14] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3195,3227,0) -> (3194,3227,0)
[14:25:16] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3198,3221,0) -> (3197,3220,0)
[14:25:18] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3201,3218,0) -> (3202,3219,0)
[14:25:20] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3204,3214,0) -> (3206,3214,0)
[14:25:21] [Walker Engine] PATH_DEBUG[ 3206, 3208, 0) -> DISCONNECTED_PATH -> (null [3205, 3209, 1] ) ]
[14:25:21] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3206,3208,0) -> (3206,3209,0)
[14:25:23] [Walker Engine] PATH_DEBUG[ 3206, 3208, 0) -> DISCONNECTED_PATH -> (null [3205, 3209, 1] ) ]
[14:25:23] [Walker Engine] Handling Object...
[14:25:23] [Object Handler] Detected: Staircase 
[14:25:23] [Object Handler] Sort Order: Staircase [Climb-up], 
[14:25:26] [Object Handler] Interacting with (Staircase) at (3204, 3207, 0) with options: [Climb-up] SUCCESS
[14:25:27] [Walker Engine] PATH_DEBUG[ 3205, 3209, 1) -> DISCONNECTED_PATH -> (null [3205, 3209, 2] ) ]
[14:25:27] [Walker Engine] Handling Object...
[14:25:27] [Object Handler] Detected: Staircase Door 
[14:25:27] [Object Handler] Sort Order: Staircase [Climb, Climb-up, Climb-down], Door [Open], 
[14:25:27] [Object Handler] Interacting with (Staircase) at (3204, 3207, 1) with options: [Climb-up] SUCCESS
[14:25:28] [Walker Engine] PATH_DEBUG[ END_OF_PATH ]
[14:25:28] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3208,3219,2) -> (3209,3219,2)
[14:25:28] [Walker Engine] Reached end of path
[14:26:31] [DaxWalker] Generating path: {"start":{"z":0,"x":3030,"y":3842},"end":{"z":0,"x":3126,"y":3834},"player
[14:26:31] [DaxWalker] Response: SUCCESS Cost: 462
[14:26:31] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3039,3832,0) -> (3038,3832,0)
[14:26:34] [Walker Engine] Randomize(3042,3826,0) -> (3041,3827,0)


Edited by brother22

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Hi, im going to be buying in next week or so and just had a few questions 

1) whats the ban rate on accounts say out of 100 you have had 30 banned 

2) if an account does get banned before the month time limit will i get to use the remaining time on another account 

thank you   

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1 hour ago, haslas1 said:

Sorry, but there are just too many issues ATM especially upon death (and yes, all my stuff is set-up correct lumby spawn etc), I bought it yesterday. Please refund me @godspower33 Thx.

Hi, the script is fully functional, can you please provide me with what bugs you are experiencing or provide me with your GUI set up, etc so I can determine if anything is incorrect or needs fixing.

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7 hours ago, mesleh said:

@godspower33Been working fine for awhile now, however now once it teleports using the burning amulet it just sits there now. Either disconnects due to inactivity or dies. Not sure if you're aware of this situation already. 

This is most likely due to the web walker going down/up over the past ~12 hours.

6 hours ago, mesleh said:

Also not sure why but it switched to defence mode and ruined my pure in the process, this is the first time it's done this however just making you aware. 

Ah I am sorry, that must've happened because of lag when it went to spec or a misclick. 

On 8/29/2019 at 8:27 PM, dodgedave said:

Has the blowpipe recharging been fixed yet?


I'm not sure but I will take a look later today as it is a Holiday today in the US so I won't be free most of the day

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hi, just got the script. cant get it to work. ive looked through your threads on set up suggestions etc. keeps saying I'm out of food. I have tried with 3 different types and had over 5k of each in my bank. can you refund me please. literally had it an hour

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hey i have got a problem with the  script, it sometimes just go to edge wildy ditch and stays there and after a while just logs out. Any clue what is wrong with with it ? I always start it at edge bank and goes on for some time and then i open my VPS and see it standing @ the wilderness ditch.

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I have posted a reply just a moment ago, but it keeps getting worse, it crashes anytime. Start it @ bank and id wont even gear up, bro keep up the work on the script but I dont want to wait... I want refund for this semi-working script, its just not worth it and not working propertly.. 

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@r xs when typing what food you have write the name correctly, for example I use swordfish but it wouldn't withdraw the swordfish unless I put a capital S, Swordfish as it's written in the bank. Hopefully that'll fix your issue, also check the listings for which food isn't supported. 

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