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[Development][Free] Naughty Gurl AIO Miner

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Hello, and Welcome!


Naughty Gurl Scripting is Bringing You TriBot's Premium-Quality Free AIO Miner!

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

My first script I'm releasing for people to actually use will be an AIO miner. It's definitely going to surpass anything written or being written thus far. I'll be using it myself and writing as I go along so every aspect of the script will be tested. I have outlined some features and goals I have set for the script below.


  • Selective ore mining; YOU pick what you want to mine, and what you want to do with it
  • Banking and powermining for a large list of locations (I don't want to throw out a number, as there are a lot of locations my character doesn't have access to yet, like the heroes guild)
  • Switching pickaxes, or replacing broken ones
  • Rune Essence support!
  • Runite mining - includes world switching!
  • Dynamic signature (some image ideas shown below)
  • Intuitive but simple antiban actions (explained below)
  • Your idea could be listed here...post and I'll check it out!
  • Pretty sexy GUI and paint, displayed below!

I have a lot of work left to do, as I need to go to every location and add in all the minor differences they contain. Each location has code pertaining specifically to that area, so no mistakes are made.

You can help! Giving me the IDs of mithril-runite ore (not the rocks, the ore that goes into your inventory) would help quite a bit.


This isn't that big of a deal, however I do want to cover it. I was in a discussion with Assume on IRC, and he was talking about how he felt that scripts do all the same things anyway so what's the point of trying to act like a human. I disagree. I feel that my user's account safety is a priority and I'll do everything in my power to ensure that. As such, I've implemented a couple actions into my scripts that I feel are pretty standard and helpful. A lot of these actions can be disabled if the user feels like taking a greater risk

Antiban Features :

  • Normal actions, like checking skills and friends list.
  • Moves the mouse off screen and doesn't do anything in RS for a short time (similar to halting gameplay to check email or something). The area the mouse moves towards is weighted towards the middle of the screen on either side, as these are the most common locations to move your mouse off screen
  • Break Handler : takes breaks every once in a while. logs out for 15-20 minutes after hours of gameplay, similar to what we would do.
  • Examines a random object or npc on screen


I use a swing gui for my option input and status-monitoring. I think it's clean and looks a lot better than a poorly displayed on-screen paint. Here are some preliminary images:

Posted Image

The options page will be a bit bigger, as there are a couple more things I think user's should be able to choose from (like whether or not they want to automagically switch to new ore as soon as they are high enough level, or whether or not they want to powermine certain ore and bank others). The layout should remain the same however.

The skill table works perfectly and displays information on skills gained, as shown here:

*note, this is after mining literally one copper ore, it doesn't reflect xp an hour at all

Posted Image

For the paint, I refrain from putting anything on the screen unless the player wants it (toggled by the debug paint option). It will look like this:

Posted Image

Posted Image

I've posted the class files that I use for my painting here : https://tribot.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=8256

Dynamic Signature

This script will have a dynamic signature with it. It will track information like experience gained, ores mined, time ran, etc. I have not decided whether or not this particular feature will be free; I may limit it to being a paid feature. No worries, the script will be totally free and there will be no "lite" or "premium" versions.

Here is a preliminary signature I have been working on:

Posted Image

There will be different types. I don't promise the above image will be the signature; in fact it probably won't be. Just an idea.


Portions of my script will be open source, and some will not. I'll continue posting information pertaining to the script here.

As always, questions are welcome.

Thank you!

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I looked through the GUI part and to my dissapointment didn't find anything about Granite mining? It's probably the fastest mining exp ingame currently and was hoping you might add it? If you need help with locations and IDs of the different ores I'd be happy to post some of them here for you :) Can't wait!

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I looked through the GUI part and to my dissapointment didn't find anything about Granite mining? It's probably the fastest mining exp ingame currently and was hoping you might add it? If you need help with locations and IDs of the different ores I'd be happy to post some of them here for you :) Can't wait!

That would be great! My account is super super low level, I can't really go anywhere yet. :C

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