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Einstein Area Builder [Scripting Tool]

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Creating areas manually by reading the debug x4Nmtke.png and typing it in your code for each and every tile is tedious, time consuming and error prone.

Here is a free tool that will help you, the scripter, to instantaneously create areas by 'drawing' them on the screen. Just use the mouse to select the tiles that will border your area. Everything else is done automatically. It can't get any easier!


  • Nearby tiles are drawn, so you can easily tell where a tile begins and where it ends.
  • The mouse hovering tile is highlighted, making miss clicking almost impossible.
  • Add tiles to your area by clicking them / pressing spacebar
  • Remove tiles from your area by clicking them again / pressing spacebar
  • The area is automatically updated and copied to the system clipboard with every new tile selected/deselected, all you have to do is just paste it after you're done 'drawing' the area.




How to use this tool

Select the borders of the area by clicking tiles with the middle mouse button / hover over the tile and press spacebar.

Click the tile or press space to select it.



Click it again or press space to remove it.



Press this button to clear the whole area, and start making a new one:



Every time you add or remove a tile, the area is automatically updated and copied to the system clipboard. After you are done building your area, go to your IDE and paste it into the code. That's it.

  • The new area is automatically named "unnamed_area_ID" - where ID is a randomly picked four digit number.
  • The pasted clipboard includes a line separator, grabbed from the system properties, which means that your cursor will land on the next line, preventing the IDE from automatically scrolling to the right end of the page.

Select the name by double clicking it, and then re-name it to something more descriptive.





By using this tool I managed to map the entire Woodcutting Guild within minutes, with pinpoint accuracy - not even a single tile misplaced.






A note about the API


When using this constructor (that takes an array of tiles as its only argument), the north and east tiles are not included in your area. This problem is very easy to avoid since the script provides a lot of visual ques, reflecting the status of your area. If your area is not built exactly as you intended, simply click the misplaced tiles to remove them, and try again.





Have fun



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Was literally just about to add black knight's fortress to my Quester and wanted to add a check that verified the player was in the castle, but didn't have the time to grab all the tiles. This solves that! You beauty.

And just like that ❤️


Edited by HeyImJamie

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