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HeyImJamie's Scripter Re-Application.

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For original application, see here: 



[ABC2] JProgessiveWoodcutter : https://github.com/HeyImJamie/JProgressiveWoodcutter

[ABC2] (Preferences + Idle Actions Only) JUnicows https://github.com/HeyImJamie/JUniCows

New : JAIOPrayer https://github.com/HeyImJamie/JAIOPrayer

I have excluded some files from the JAIOPrayer script due to my plans of continuing to improve it, including features such as automatic host finding and ectofuntus, making it a full AIO. I feel what is currently posted still displays what you need to review my scripting ability. The script currently has a JavaFX GUI, which can be seen in the spoiler below, and features regular bone burying, wilderness altar (including multi-threaded pk detection) and gilded altar via host name entered through the GUI. As well as this I have updated my progressive woodcutter to include automatic axe upgrading, as can be seen in the git. In regards to assisting my users, I've opened up a script support Discord (which can be accessed via the link in my Signature or via the JAIOPrayer GUI) to give them quick assurance and fixes to any issues that may arise during my script. I will continue this level of support throughout my time scripting on Tribot.

Update: I've now added the use of personal gilded altars to the script, as well as begun work on the ectofuntus. I've also added dynamic signatures for my users. :) 




Thanks for reading and apologies this is not as per the format, but I didn't want to repeat what was said previously.

- Jamie.


Edit: I've been made aware by a few scripters that due to a lot of my prayer script remaining closed source, it doesn't look like I've made a lot of changes since my last application. I would therefore like to mention that a lot of work has been completed back end for the smoothness of the user (GUI, GUI Saving, Improved multi-threaded pk detection and more). I'd also like to note that these aren't the only contributions I've made to the community, and will not be the last of my contributions either. They're just the open source contributions for code that is to be reviewed. I can add more to them if you wish, but I believe that's uneventful as a lot of scripts, such as woodcutters, already exist and will likely just cause clutter and my time would be better spent working on new contributions, such as the Quester I'm currently working on. For my woodcutter, since my last application I've taken in user advice and included dropping (as requested by a user) and also added 'smart' axe upgrading, which takes into consideration the axes within the bank and inventory and only aims to upgrade if the axes exist. The code for this can be found within the 'TreeInfo' enum on the git. I hope this is in the region of improvements you were looking for, @Usa, and please don't doubt that I will continue to release content after this.


@Naton The prayer script now features: Bone Burying, Wilderness Prayer (Including Pk Detection), Gilded Altar (Personal Host, Friend Host) with Phials Un-noting, Regular walking and teleporting  options for banking. Apart from Ectofuntus and automated host finding (which I wouldn't open source anyway), how much more complex of a script should I really be making? My quester now features 10+ quests, I'm just waiting to release it and again, it wouldn't be open source. :P 

@Usa All the Githubs are updated to the most recent script versions and contains everything required for a ‘complex’, working script. What is it that’s not there you wanted to see?

@Usa I see. I have now pushed them to the Git for you, or anyone else to view. My apologies. :) 

Edited by HeyImJamie

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Although I wish you would have waited until you have gained more users or created something more complex, I believe you do have the knowledge to be a scripter.

Edit: I guess I should have clarified I think the lack of users is more of a problem then the complexity, seeing as you have below 100 users on your scripts. Regardless as I said before, I think you do have the knowledge so it really isn't the biggest deal in my eyes.

Edited by Naton

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This is your application, you should include any and all related files of the Scripts you are applying with especially if you are just meeting the minimum requirements, there is no reason to withhold content. They should be open source and freely available to the public, this helps us look at the entire projects scope (complete or incomplete) and gives all users the ability to see the content.

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