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Looking glass problems with worldhopping.

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When i try to world hop the bot tries to do it but it repeats world selection.

I'm using it on OSBuddy btw.

i use this code.

if(Game.getGameState() == 30)
			WorldHopper.changeWorld(WorldHopper.getRandomWorld(members, deadman));


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Are you hopping from one deadman world to another? If so that may be your problem. Logging out of a deadman world has a delay unlike the other worlds, so it's probably hitting log-out, seeing that you're still logged in, assuming the log-out failed and moving on.

Then, the code executes again (because your game state still = 30), and then probably tries a different world. You might have to log-out, then add a waitcondition that waits until you're logged out, then call for it to world hop to a random deadman world.

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