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Washing the money?

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So I'm thinking about what to do, exactly, with the goods from my bot farm. Very obviously the practice is to have a mule. and then, to have several mules. I suppose something I am curious about is if anyone ever uses a central mule? Do any of you have a tip-top account where you hold more of the product from your bots. Along this line of questioning, do any of you have certain practices to bring product from your main, to your bots-or from your bots to your main?

Is there a certain degrees of separation that you all use to bring some accounts into contact with each other? Like trading it from the bot, to a mule, to another intermediary, then stake it to your main (or something along that reasoning)? Furthermore, do any of you think it is a good idea to take any resources and convert them to gold, or gold and convert them to (abstract/stable) resources from the grand exchange? Does this kind of washing have any affect in the stability of that product or is it all futile?

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On 10/03/2018 at 11:38 PM, DaFukWasDat said:

100m? You guys here are saying you've made 100m in a DAY? Jez, think about it, gold sellers are willing to pay $1 per mil, that's $100 per day, you can quit your job getting that kind of money lol...

not anymore prices have been going down recently

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